A Farewell...

October 4th, 2006

Since it's been over three years since this site has stopped updating, and people are starting to make offers to buy it, I'm just putting up a public note in response.

Thank you to those who have expressed interest. However, I am not currently considering selling this web site. It is partly due to my tendency to hang on to things I am no longer using, but also because I continue to cling to the idea that someday, when I have the free time again, I will decide I'm ready to bring the site back from the dead. The prospect of relinquishing control of the domain to a third party would eliminate this possibility, and I am not prepared to let it go just yet.

If you are prepared to offer enough for this domain to make me extremely wealthy, that might be another story, but I can't honestly see how this domain could be worth that much to anyone.

September 14th, 2003

If you've already read this letter and just want to enter the site, click here.

It saddens me to do this, but I must. This is the end of the line for me. It's been an awesome six year run, but SimPage.net must close its doors.

The reason I am making this decision now is simple. I can't keep lying to myself. There has not been a single update to this site in over four months. There's no chance that I will turn around in a few months and decide to pick this up again. I can't pretend that SimPage.net is still alive. These were great years, but as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. I think it's time.

There are probably a hundred million people I should thank. I'll list as many as I can, because I definitely can't take all the credit for what's been done here. Without these people, none of this would have ever happened:

My friends at Maxis, you are the best. Keep making SimCity and I will be forever grateful. Whether or not I have a popular web site saying so, I will go on thoroughly enjoying your titles. Though The Sims was never my thing, it's no less amazing. I look forward seeing how The Sims 2 turns out, and wish everyone at Maxis the best of luck.

Andrea Weber, Wren Weburg, Will Wright, Darren Futa, Kevin Hogan, Lucy Bradshaw, Dan Grove, Suneel Ratan, Luc Barthelet, Patrick Buechner, Robin Chandler, Joseph Knight, Paul Pedriana, Lisa Remaklus, and Sean Baity: Thank you all for setting the bar for simulated gaming and for always being there to offer a friendly reply to a random question or to fly me out to California from the middle of nowhere just to see you. Wherever I find myself during my career, I hope my co-workers are people like you.

For all the help with this site over the many years, I have to single out Rand Huck. You stood by SimPage.net for far longer than I could have possibly expected, and you always did a superb, professional job.

I can't forget the others that helped me with this site along the way. Tim Gowa, Daniel Baird, Rick Pierce, Nick Steffel, Dave Huck, Keith Sewell, Sean Wildman, Ian, Brandon Quigley, Tristan Stutzman: I could not have made it this far without you.

To everyone that powered the SimCity fan community of old: Adam Steinbaugh, Cliff Kerr, Alex McKenzie, Brian McMillin, Brian Watters, Chris DeWolf, Chris Szabla, Dustin Bainbridge, Ed Cory, Eric Portelance, Franco Capella, Hunter Morgan, Ian Catchpole, Jason Wilson, Jeremy Mikola, Jonathan Gauna, Josh van Hulst, Karl Zimmerman, Kevin Boyd, Liam Mayron, Leons Petrazickis, Martin Sellgren, Matt Coats, Matt Czolij, Robert Graessel, Matthew Dally, Miron Vranjes, Travis Hasley, Cameron Robertson, Matej Znidarcic, Bill Hargis, Roger Wilner, Peter Naughton, Wren Weburg, Yosef Ahmed, Peter Osorio, Bill Harper, Bil Simser; you held together this community at its core for many years, and my life would probably have been very different had it not been for the impact you had on it. Thank you.

To you, my faithful, or perhaps randomly unlucky visitors: I thank you for showing interest, and I hope that you see this great gaming studio in the same way I do. Keep supporting SimCity. Buy it, play it, and love it. You will not regret it.

I hate to go but I have to move on. I've got other things that need tending to as I work through my final year in college and prepare for life in the working world.

This site will remain up as long as people continue to pour in, but it will no longer be maintained. Please do not submit links or affiliation requests as they will no longer be processed.

My IRC Channel pages will be moved over to my personal web site, SimGuy.net. We never really talked about SimCity there anyway, and we still hope you'll join us.

Thank you for reading this,

Kevin Stange
SimPage.net Webmaster

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