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If you have any problems, concerns, or questions regarding this site, please feel free to contact me via email or ICQ. I also encourage you to contact me if you would like to know more about my warez policy and various other site policies. My online status and a few useful contact links can be found on the navigation bar on the left side of every page on this site. If you find any areas of this site that are inaccessible or you come across any outdated or incorrect links, please notify me as soon as possible, so that I may correct these problems.

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First, I would like to thank SimGames.net for allowing SimPage.net to expand and improve through hosting services that are constantly getting better. I also owe a tremendous thanks to all of my friends and supporters. You have given me invaluable input and assistance in putting together SimPage.net and in keeping it up and running. Thanks to all the forumers at SC3000.com and way back at the original Maxis SimCity 3000 BBS, and a very special thanks (in no particular order) to Adam Steinbaugh, Karl Zimmerman, Jeremy Mikola, Josh van Hulst, Sean Wildman, Rand Huck, Jason Wilson, Bill Hargis, Matt Czolij, Alex McKenzie, Daniel Baird, Rick Pierce, Brian McMillin, Will Wright, Lucy Bradshaw, Patrick Buechner, Suneel Ratan, Sean Baity, Roger Wilner, Daniel Grove, Wren Weburg, Peter Naughton, Brandon Quigley, Keith Sewell, Timmy Gowa, Nick Steffel, Jason Wilson, Martin Sellgren, Alli Stange (my sister) and anyone else that has in any way helped to make this website possible. My wonderful visitors also deserve a big thank you for all their comments (and complaints) and just for taking the time to look around. I appreciate it to no end.

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