What is an Affiliate?

Affiliation is basically a link exchange. For each site we link to as an affliate, we expect a reciprocal link back to SimPage.net. Our affiliates are sites that are selected based on unique or interesting content that we believe our visitors should go out of their way to look at. SimPage.net has several affiliations with sites that cover SimCity, The Sims, and other games as well. To ensure that we best server our visitors' interests, we will no longer be considering new affiliations with sites that do not include a fair amount of SimCity content.

Applying for Affiliation

SimPage.net has allocated exactly ten affiliate slots. Due to the amount of interest in affiliations, there is currently a waiting list for new affiliates. These ten slots will not become available unless one of our existing affiliates decides to close or terminate its affiliation with us. Consequently, affiliate turnover is rare and happens slowly.

While we will keep affiliate requests on file, new affiliates will not be accepted until a slot is open. This means that anyone who submits a request is simply waiting to be considered and is not guaranteed a spot. When a slot does become available, the best site with a current application on file will be accepted. If the site is no longer interested in the slot, we will proceed down the list until we find a site that is. The staff of SimPage.net will determine which sites are most deserving of affiliation slots.

If you wish to request an affiliation, with the understanding that your site may not even be considered for several months, feel free to send an email to the webmaster.