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This document describes the various legal and privacy policies of the web site. By using this web site, you are indicating that you agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this document. If you do not agree, you must close your browser now, clear your browser cache and history, and permanently supress all memories of this site. We can't help brainwash you, but if you'd like assistance with closing your browser, click here.

We may secretly update this document while you aren't looking and not tell you. If we do, you will be bound by the updated document. Muahahahaha!!

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Copies of copyrighted software titles are NOT available for legal free download. If you ask for or offer a copy of any software title or portion thereof, by either email, ICQ or IRC Chat or any other means of communication, your request will be promptly denied and if deemed appropriate, your IP address, name, email address, ICQ number, and/or a copy of your request may be submitted to Electronic Arts and/or other applicable parties possibly resulting in some form of legal action taken against you. Web sites not maintained by Electronic Arts or its affiliates that claim to have these downloads are violating copyright and software licensing laws. If you make mention of the name and/or URL of any site that is involved in these activities, you are expected to understand that this information will be made available to Electronic Arts, the hosting company of the site (where applicable) and the proper authorities in the country in which the web server resides, in order that the website may be promptly shut down.

Disclaimer does not guarantee the accuracy or functionality of any information found on this web site. We are not responsible for any downloads that fail to function as described, nor any problems these downloads may cause on your system. We do not guarantee that information submitted to this site is or was ever accurate.

We reserve the right to reject or modify any information submitted to our site at any time without consent of the submitter. will honor requests to remove your email address and name from our site, but will not accept requests to remove textual submissions. We will, however, delete any downloadable files you have submitted to our User Creations pages upon request.

Privacy Policy

Information We Log: uses an external service to automatically log limited information about your computer and internet connection. This information is not personally identifiable, an allows us to gather only broad demographic information. We may also use this information to diagnose problems with our site.


Our site uses cookies to keep track of your votes in our polls, and our advertisers may use cookies to keep track of which advertisements you have seen. Some advanced features may also use cookies to store login information while you are visiting our site.

User Submitted Information: may require you to register for certain services, or supply information about yourself when using certain features of our site. You are never required to submit any personally identifiable information, other than your email address. When prompted for other information, such as your name, an alias may be used.

Any services that sign you up for any type of mailing list will always include a reciprocal removal tool that you will be able to use to prevent further mailings. Our databases will update immediately following your request. You will never be automatically subscribed for any services that do you not explicitly request.

If you choose to have your email address displayed with a submission to this web site, we cannot guarantee that your email address will not be collected by a third party and added to mailing lists without your consent. We will never sell or otherwise distribute email lists to third parties.

External Links: often links to other web sites on the internet. These sites are not covered by our privacy policy, and we are not responsible for the practices or content of such sites.

Children: does not knowingly collect information from Children under the age of thirteen. If it is made known to us that something submitted to or posted on our site contains personal information about a young child, we will remove the information on request. Parents with questions about our policy may submit inquiries to the webmaster.