SimCity 3000 Hints & Tips

Welcome to the SimCity 3000 Hints & Tips section, edited by Rand Huck. Here, you'll find a variety of interesting and helpful tips for getting the most out of SimCity 3000.

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July 27, 2002Techniques to starting cities
May 11, 2002Living up to your land value goal
October 31, 2000How to make loans work for you
May 28, 2000What is the difference between aura and land value
May 22, 2000How do population caps work?
May 19, 2000What is the best layout?
May 17, 2000How to get the 4x4 towers
May 15, 2000What is the RCI indicator?
May 12, 2000What is a realistic city?
May 10, 2000How to start a good city
May 9, 2000How to develop high-tech industry
May 9, 2000What is the city center effect?
May 5, 2000How to develop farms
May 5, 2000Zones information
May 2, 2000What are business deals, and what benefits do they have?
May 2, 2000When do they come?
May 1, 2000Reward information
May 1, 2000The 'not-enough-sims-getting-water-when-I-see-no-problems' Problem
May 1, 2000Bridge Problems
April 29, 2000How to create tunnels