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Currently, we've got just two people who are responsible for keeping SimPage.net going. Click on a name to jump directly to a person's profile, or just scroll down and meet us!

If you have a serious offer to help out SimPage.net, you may feel free to send an email to Kevin Stange. By serious, I mean that I will expect you to post something new at least once a week, and also be regularly capable of forming grammatically correct, coherent sentences with proper spelling. We can use the help, but I'm not going to take volunteers that our visitors won't be able to understand. :)

Kevin Stange

Current Rank: Webmaster, Site Administrator
Staff Member Since: October 1997
Favorite SimPage.net Feature: SimGames Chat
What he really does: Sleep & Code

Email Address: KStange [at] simpage [dot] net
ICQ Number: 25506686 ICQ Status

Birthdate: March 1, 1982
Hometown: Greenlawn, NY
Current School: Clarkson University, Potsdam, NY
Real Job: Computer Technician, Harborfields School District

I'm a 21-year old Computer Science and Technical Communications major who's been involved in the SimCity community for over six years. I hope you find all the content here (that I've actually gotten around to finishing) useful and informative. Aside from SimPage.net, I enjoy computing, being lazy, computing, playing broomball, working on TV shows at WCKN, my school's student-run Television Station, chatting on ICQ and IRC, and playing video games....

Rand Huck

Current Rank: News Reporter, Feature Editor
Staff Member Since: April 2000
Favorite SimPage.net Feature: ... I guess my tips. :-P
What he really does: I don't REALLY post news! I get my dad to do it! j/k

Email Address: Rand [at] simpage [dot] net
ICQ Number: 68804042 ICQ Status

Birthdate: January 7, 1984
Hometown: Providence, RI
Current School: Community College of Rhode Island
Real Job: GAP Sales Associate

I am also the webmaster of Scout Providence (scoutprovidence.com). I enjoy driving around the Providence area and getting ideas for my site. Of course, I like everything any other teenager would like, that is bowling, watching movies at the cinema, and just hanging around. (I'm good at the latter).