Getting Help and its staff cannot provide technical help with any Maxis or EA titles. We are not affiliated with Maxis in any way, and do not have the technical knowledge to help you. Volume of email time constraints also prevent this.

As a result, we have decided to collect some information to help visitors that are looking for technical support to find it. See the sections below for a list of ways to get help.

Lost Serial Numbers cannot issue you a new serial number or provide any support for lost or dysfunctional serial numbers. These issues must be handled through official channels, such as directly contacting Electronic Arts support. If you have just purchased the game, store your CD case in a safe place. Product register on the web site with your serial number for extra security.

If you have already lost your serial number, there are two things that you can try:

  1. If you have registered at SimCity 4's web site you can go there now and log in. If you product registered, your serial number is on file. Click the Register button on the main page, then click the link that says "add your product serial numbers here." If you've already provided your number it will be listed on that page.
  2. You can request a replacement serial number from Electronic Arts support. There is an article on EA's support web site called "How can I get a replacement serial number?" Follow the directions in the article to request a replacement for the lost or invalid number that was originally included with your game.

Contacting Electronics Arts

There are two main ways to get help from Electronic Arts technical support:

Getting Help from Your Fellow Gamers

There are a number of sites which provide chat and forum features. You may be able to post a support question at one of these sites to get the help you need.

Help Resource Covered Topics
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SimCity 3000 Resource Center Discussion Forum SimCity Series
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SimCity Central Forums All SimGames
Sid Meier's Sim Golf Official Chat and BBS Sid Meier's Sim Golf
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