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All Platforms Cheats Tricks

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All Platforms - Cheats

The following cheats will work with all known versions of SimCity 4. To activate these cheats, press CTRL+X to bring up the cheat input box, then enter the desired code and press enter.

stopwatch Pauses the 24 hour clock cycle. Enter the code again to resume the timer.
whatimeizit <hour> Sets the 24 hour clock to a specific time of day.
whererufrom <name> Resets the name of your city to the given value.
hellomynameis <name> Resets the name of the mayor to the given value.
you don't deserve it Makes all rewards available, even if you truly don't deserve them.
sizeof <zoom> Changes the game magnification to the given value. Acceptable values are 0-64 with 0 being the least magnified.
weaknesspays Increases your funds by §1000.
fightthepower Allows you to operate your city without any electricity requirements.
howdryiam Allows you to operate your city without any water requirements.
zoneria Hides the coloring of undeveloped zoned tiles.
tastyzots Toggles the display of zots. Zots are small icons that appear above buildings to indicate problems, such as a lack of power or access to transportation.
GOL Begins the Game Of Life. Try clicking around on the green objects that cover your city map. To exit this game, press the ESC key.
TerrainQuery Enables a debug feature that adds extra information to terrain query bubbles. Enter the code again, adding the word off after it, to disable this mode.
DollyLlama Turns all your advisors into llamas. Enter the code again to turn them back to normal.
recorder Opens the animation recorder. Click here for more information on this code.
flora off Removes all trees from empty terrain. This process is not reversible.

All Platforms - Tricks

The following tricks will work with all known versions of SimCity 4. To ensure that these tricks work correctly, make sure that you follow each step exactly as it is written. does not provide support on any tricks listed here.

Return to God Mode After you enter the Mayor Mode and name yourself and your city, the game will no longer allow you access to the extensive terrain editing tools that are available in God Mode, unless you first select to obliterate your city. It doesn't have to be this way.

To get back into God Mode without blowing everything up, simply hold down CTRL, SHIFT, and ALT. Then click on the God Mode button in the interface.

Warning! Use caution when applying God mode tools on your existing city. Some of these tools, such as Smooth Terrain will instantly obliterate your city just by clicking the button. Those that don't cause instantaneous changes may also still damage the city severely, as there is far less consideration in this mode for the preservation of the surrounding structures.

Animation Recorder Have you ever wanted to show off your city in a cool video file? Now you can, using the built in "recorder" feature in SimCity 4:
  1. Open the cheat box by pressing CTRL+X and enter the code "recorder"
  2. Upon entering the code, the following applet will appear:

    Animation Recorder

    Simply enter the Name you would like to call the animation, the Rate in milliseconds between frames, the Time in seconds to record for, and select which type of Output format, you want to use.

  3. Click the Start button to begin recording. While recording feel free to move around your city, or even build things. Anything that happens inside the box will be recorded.
  4. After recording finishes, the recorder will ask if you want to save the images. If you select Yes, it will place them in My Documents\SimCity 4\RecordedAnimations under the name animation_name ###_###, where ###_### identifies the order of the images in the sequence.
  5. Click the Close button to close the recorder.
  6. Use a program like Jasc Animation Shop to create a .AVI file from the images.
You can change the area of the screen that is to be recorded, by dragging around the outline box that appears on the screen while the recorder is open. You can also drag the edges of the box to change the size of the recording space.