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Welcome to's SimCity 4™ section. Here, you'll find cheats, tips, downloads, and the latest information and news on the latest in the SimCity series. We are still working on the planned content for this section. We will be adding relevant sections as the need appears.

If you don't yet have SimCity 4, but want to pick up a copy, you can order it now through the store. The game is currently available for the Windows and Macintosh OS X platforms. A strategy guide is also available from Prima.

Latest SimCity 4 News

Saturday, July 12, 2003

[SimCity4] Source:
Lot Exchange Opens at
by Kevin Stange @ 12:02 AM EDT
The official SimCity 4 Lot Exchange (to go along with the newly released Lot Editor tool) opened yesterday at Players can now teleport their own custom lots or download any of over 200 that have already been uploaded. Looks like an interesting collection so far!

As is unfortunately typical of the SimCity 4 web site, you can neither upload nor download lots unless you are using Internet Explorer.

Tuesday, July 8, 2003

[RushHour] Source: IGNpc
IGNpc Publishes Exclusive 'Rush Hour' Content
by Tim Gowa @ 9:28 PM EDT
IGNPC's uploaded several new exclusive screenshots and movies featuring Maxis's upcoming expansion pack SimCity 4: Rush Hour. There are eight succulent high-resoultion screenshots, and two quick movies, 4 and 3 megabytes, respectively. IGNPC's also promising several new "goodies" over the next several days.

"We have all kinds of Rush Hour goodies coming up over the next few days, including an interview with producer Kevin Hogan, a huge preview of the expansion pack and a video of the developers taking us through the entire demo of the game." (IGNpc)

SimCity 4: Rush Hour is due out September 23rd, 2003

Friday, July 4, 2003

[SimCity4] Source:
Lot Editor Released
by Rand Huck @ 11:09 PM EDT
Maxis has released the first of, hopefully, many addons that will help customize SimCity 4. The Lot Editor enables you to edit the land that your buildings are built on, with which you may add props, and the general landscape of that lot.

To download the program, click here. An update for the lot editor that enables software driver support is available here.

Wednesday, June 4, 2003

[SimCity4] Source: SimCityscape
SimCityscape Moderated Region
by Kevin Stange @ 4:37 PM EDT
One of the biggest complaints about Maxis' SimCityscape idea that I heard was that players would annoyingly upload any city they chose to, ignoring the actual landscape of the region, and making the region into a massive mess of nonsense.

In reponse to these concerns, Maxis started a moderated region called Kitty Creek recently. The rules of the region are simply that players get five days to build on the terrain without modifying the landscape.

So far it is working, and Kitty Creek is the most popular region on the SimCityscape site. If you want to play on it, you're probably going to have to wait a day or two for a city to become available. Not a single other region is actually fully occupied. Hopefully we'll see more moderated regions so more people can join in.

If you'd like to check out the Kitty Creek region, head on over to SimCityscape now.

Note that SimCityscape is viewable in most browsers, but is only playable in Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Monday, May 26, 2003

[SimCity4] SimCity 4 in Linux
by Kevin Stange @ 6:09 PM EDT
I have tested and managed to successfully run SimCity 4 in Linux using the following items:
  • Linux with accelerated X video drivers
  • Transgaming WineX 3.0
  • SimCity 4 for Windows
  • SimCity 4 Update 2
  • A No-CD executable
If you can get together these items, you too can run SimCity 4 in Linux. I'll post a tutorial very soon to explain how!

Edit: Here's the article explaining how to do it!

Wednesday, May 7, 2003

[RushHour] Source:
SimCity 4 Expansion: Rush Hour
by Kevin Stange @ 7:35 PM EDT
You knew it was coming.

Maxis has released word that a SimCity 4 expansion pack is coming soon! SimCity 4: Rush Hour will feature a wealth of new traffic options, including new road types, such as avenues, raised railways, one-way streets, and much more. It will also give you enhanced control over the airways and the waterways.

Fans of SimCopter will enjoy the ability to take control of vehicles to complete special missions, such as getting a fire truck to the scene of a blaze as quickly as possible.

Other features include the ability to name streets and place signs, new disasters, and transportation oriented landmarks.

No release date has yet been announced, but we'll keep you posted.

Friday, February 28, 2003

[SimCity4] Source: Matt Coats ( Forums)
SimCity 4 for Macintosh Announced!
by Kevin Stange @ 7:55 PM EST
Good news to all the Mac users that have been wishing for the chance to play SimCity 4! Aspyr Media, the company that made The Sims for Mac possible, has announced that it has begun work on a Macintosh port of SimCity 4. Currently, the game is listed as in "early development," but they are targeting a release for May 2003.

Take a look at the MacGamer Article, and Aspyr's February newsletter.

Aspyr is suggesting your Mac meet these requirements in order to play the game (these may change before the release):
  • Mac OS X, version 10.2 or later
  • Power Mac G3/G4, iMac G4/eMac, PowerBook G4 (DVI model or better), iBook (32MB VRAM model only)
  • 500 MHz or faster
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 1 GB of free hard disk space available
  • Hardware 3D acceleration required: ATI Radeon or NVidia GeForce card (32 MB VRAM or better)

Thursday, February 27, 2003

[SimCity4] MaxisPaul: Plop Cheat and Patch #2
by Kevin Stange @ 12:52 PM EST
MaxisPaul (Paul Pedriana) sent over a completely unexpected email explaining why SimCity 4 has no plop cheat. He also goes on to mention a bit about improving SimCity 4's performance and a few other changes that will appear in the game's upcoming second patch. The note was quite long, so I decided to post it as an article. You can read the whole email over in the SimCity 4 Articles section of the site.

Special thanks to Paul for tossing some tasty breadcrumbs our way!

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

[SimCity4] Source:
New landmark download available
by Rand Huck @ 12:36 PM EST
Maxis has just released a third addition to their addon landmark list with the Sungrye-mun, based in Korea. The download can be found here.

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

[SimCity4] Source:
Maxis-made SimCity 4 city released
by Rand Huck @ 10:38 AM EST
Maxis has released a downloadable city (called "Prima"), a medium-area city of 156,000. The city can be downloaded here.

UPDATE: I have found people who have been having a hard time finding it on the site. I admit, it's quite difficult to find, but this is a direct link to the city.

Also, if you have RollerCoaster Tycoon, you might see it being saved as a Roller Coaster Tycoon scenerio. This is normal, and won't effect the download at all. Just download it into the \My Documents\SimCity 4\Regions\Downloads\ folder, and from the game, you can import it into your region.

Sunday, February 16, 2003

[SimCity4] Source:
.EXE Patches Released
by Kevin Stange @ 7:34 PM EST
Maxis has completed a revised set of patches for SimCity 4 that allow users to circumvent the automated patching system that was previously the only available way to update the game. This is especially welcome news to those who don't use Internet Explorer, like myself.

These patches come in five flavors for different regional releases. If you were having trouble with patching your game, head over to the SimCity 4 patches page and grab your region's .EXE release.

Monday, February 10, 2003

[SimCity4] Source: releases new landmark from Seoul
by Rand Huck @ 10:38 PM EST
A new landmark has been released for SimCity 4; Seoul's City Hall Plaza, a great addition to a city's downtown of any size. You can find the download here.

Thursday, February 6, 2003

[SimCity4] Source: releases first SimCity 4 patch
by Rand Huck @ 7:53 PM EST
SimCity 4's official website released a patch that addresses several of the common bugs and problems. Major ones include crash problems (i.e. the one when you try My Sims mode with the Transportation CD), the difficulty of getting Houston-style skyscrapers, and making the auto-roads feature an option. For a full list of changes made, you can go to their BBS, and you can find their patch download here.
[SimCity4] Source: Forums
An Intelligent Look at the Forces Behind SimCity 4
by Kevin Stange @ 9:34 AM EST
Frank Bryan (aka TalonFrank) has written an excellent, in-depth article, entitled An Intelligent Look at the Forces Behind SimCity 4.

The article contains a massive amount of detail about how the game deals with different aspects of building your city, in an attempt to provide tips for better building.

The article is in the form of a 5 page PDF file, with a few illustrations making up pages 4 and 5. It's quite an interesting read, so definitely take a look if you have the time.

According to the article, it is a work in progress, and we can expect future updates. I look forward to whatever new information he comes up with.
[SimCity4] Source:
$100 for your thoughts on SimCity 4?
by Kevin Stange @ 9:12 AM EST
Maxis is holding focus groups that will gather feedback on SimCity 4 on Tuesday, February 11th in Encino, California. Qualified participants will get paid $100 for the 90 minute discussion. If you'll be in the area on that date, call (818) 905-9666 ext. 445 and ask to speak with Kelly for more information.

In other news, SimCity Day for Tuesday, February 4th, added two new SimCity 4 wallpapers that you can use with your computer. Head on over to's wallpapers page to take a look.