January 2003 News Archive

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

[Community] SimCity Downtown Moves
by Kevin Stange @ 10:11 PM EST
Jason, our affiliate over at SimCity Downtown, wanted to let everyone know that his site has moved to a new URL. He now has a better hosting arrangement:
I would like to inform you that SimCity Downtown has moved from our previous home at StrategyPlanet to a new, bigger, and better home at AxleGames. We now possess greater server space and speed, along with the capability to display more entertaining and interactive content on our site. The SimCity Downtown forums have also been revamped, as well, and upgraded to vBulletin forums.
Click here to pay SimCity Downtown a visit at its new home.
[SimCity4] SimCity 4 Hints and Tips Section
by Kevin Stange @ 12:44 PM EST
Rand has posted SimPage.net's first SimCity 4 tip and as a result I am proud to officially open our SimCity 4 Hints & Tips page! Here you will find a variety of quality tips to help you build a successful city, and to get the most out of your game.

Check out Rand's first tip, Balancing Your Budget, and learn how to better cope with the new budget system in SimCity 4.

More hints and tips are coming soon!

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

[SimCity4] New SimPage article posted
by Rand Huck @ 2:14 PM EST
I posted a new article in the SimCity 4 section, regarding the improvements added to the game and how it differs in gameplay from SimCity 3000, as well as a brief report on my personal opinions and biases.

Here's a link to the article. You can also find it in the "Articles and Analysis" page under the SimCity 4 section of the site.

Monday, January 13, 2003

[SimCity4] SimCity 4 Officially Released!
by Kevin Stange @ 11:00 PM EST
Today is the official SimCity 4 release date. Many store have already been shipping preorders for several days, but it should now be available on the shelves of software stores all over the world.

Pick up your copy from your local retailer, or buy it through the SimPage.net store and have Amazon.com ship it to you immediately! The typical retail price for the game is approximately $50.
[(default)] Something New Coming
by Kevin Stange @ 9:52 PM EST
To go along with release of SimCity 4, I am now in the planning stages of major changes to this site. I am planning to switch entirely to SimCity series coverage, eliminating The Sims, The Sims Online, and all other titles.

Content will be essentially "read-only" in the SimCity 2000 and 3000 sections, but SimCity 4 will eventually be open to file submissions.

I will also look toward adding a section similar to my past SimCity 4000 Ideas page where fans can gather and post suggestions for SimCity 4 expansions as well as future releases of SimCity.

Please feel absolutely free to email me with any suggestions you have for features and changes that you'd like to see taking place on this site. I welcome the feedback.