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Tuesday, November 5, 2002

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5 New Articles Released on SimCity 4 site
by Rand Huck @ 10:26 AM EST
After a couple weeks without a huge update, Maxis has finally updated their site with 5 new articles.

The first one deals with a more indepth look at the transportation system, introducing to us the term, "automata".

The second one talks a little more about the "automata" and briefs us on how one scripts an automata.

The third one touches ground on how your city can be completely personalized, from naming buildings, to customizing textures and terrain.

The fourth one is about how the regions work, and what goes on in creating a region, plus how the cities within the region work together.

And finally, the fifth one gives us a look at what props are, and how they communicate to you on how the neighborhood is doing.