February 2000 News Archive

Saturday, February 26, 2000

[TheSims] The Sims Reviews
by Kevin Stange @ 2:00 AM EST
If you're still not sure you want to go out and buy a copy of the Sims, there are still reviews coming out all the time.

News Submission by: Bolan
Clan Nexus Network’s infamous Jorel has taken time from tending his little sim family to tell us a little bit about the latest craze from Maxis, The Sims. Here’s a quote:

Wake up, shower, eat, work, sleep, repeat…. Sound boring? Maybe in real life, but not in Maxis and Electronics Arts newest sim game, The Sims. From our most basic tasks like going to the bathroom, to our most complex emotions like falling in love, The Sims has it all and then some…Highly Addictive. That's the best way to sum up this game. It will have you spending more time with your virtual family than your real one.

Click here to see the review.

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Thursday, February 24, 2000

[TheSims] SimDay Specials for February 24!
by Kevin Stange @ 2:00 AM EST
Maxis released yet another new object for your Sims to enjoy. This new object, The Moose Head, will give your rooms a lovely rustic look. If you're a registered The Sims owner, you can click here to jump to the download page at TheSims.com. Then, keep watching for the Guinea Pig next SimDay!

The Sims Exchange has also come out of beta, and Maxis is now accepting your exported families. If you want to submit your pages to the Sims Exchange, you'll need the teleportation patch. Registered users can get the patch, and visit the Sims Exchange now by clicking here.

Saturday, February 19, 2000

[(default)] We're Back! Plus The Sims Extras
by Kevin Stange @ 2:00 AM EST
Well most of the site problems have been reasonably straightened out, so I think it's time to inform you that it will be only a matter of weeks before The SimPage has it's very own domain name!

I'm able to upload files and such at this point but I'm having some minor glitches, as is to be expected, so some files can't be properly configured/updated. I will work feverishly to get ALL creations and other submissions processed ASAP, preferably by this Monday.

As for Creation Central's expansion, I am still seeking suitable CGI scripts for my needs.

Meanwhile, if you are a registered owner of a copy of The Sims, you can head over to TheSims.com for the Slot Machine (which includes a patch for the potato chip bag bug), the Wall Lights, and the brand new Cuckoo Clock! There are also five fairly new fantasy skins and five houses available as well.

TheSims.com is also reporting that The Sims Exchange is almost ready to open to the public.

FaceLift has also come out of Beta. The final release is now accessible through our The Sims Downloads Page.

Click here to visit TheSims.com now!

Wednesday, February 16, 2000

[(default)] Lack of Updates
by Kevin Stange @ 2:00 AM EST
You may have noticed that I haven't updated the SimPage recently. I assure you that there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for that.

The past several days I have been spending most of my time working at my job. I haven't had any time to do any updates lately. And just as work slowed down a tiny bit, I am now unable to access my FTP and site management due to some server problems. I managed to stabilize the CGI and can post news here, but I can't do much else at the moment as I am not really skilled with telnet. I'll try my best to get ALL updates done over the next week (while I am off from school), assuming that all of the server problems are resolved. I have about 40 submissions to process, I need to update the Creation Central form so that it can recognizes The Sims creations, I have to get rid of the SimCreations email address and change it to CreationCentral, and many other things, too.... Once the server problems are resolved, I will try to get busy. Wish me luck. :)

Sunday, February 6, 2000

[TheSims] The Sims Cheats Now Available
by Kevin Stange @ 2:00 AM EST
We've gotten word of a few cheats that you can use in The Sims. Though I never, ever cheat, I did put all the cheats I could find right here on The SimPage for all you cheaters out there. (Cheater!! Cheater!!) Click here to go to The Sims Cheats Page.

Thanks to SimEden.com for the information.

Friday, February 4, 2000

[TheSims] My First Impression of The Sims
by Kevin Stange @ 2:00 AM EST
After days of eagerly awaiting the FedEx truck to drop of my package, it finally arrived near 7 PM tonight. As soon as I had scribbled my signature on the FedEx clipboard, I ran back to the office and opened it up. Though a large install, I waited patiently, and as soon as it was done, I started up the game and chose 1024x768 as my screen resolution. (You can choose either that or 800x600) Being as I am, I skipped the tutorial, created three Sims, Jason, Dan, and Kelly, and started building.

At first everyone seemed to enjoy dropping their trash on the floor and there were a couple times when someone didn't make it to the bathroom, but I finally began to get the hang of manipulating the game.

I had a couple interesting social issues, one of which was caused when one of my female neighbors decided to enter the bathroom while Jason was using it. He immediately jumped up from the toilet, yelling all the while until she left the bathroom. After repeating this twice more, she finally decided to leave him alone.

I thoroughly enjoyed all the humor throughout the game. (The sound of the Sims chattering can be entertaining in itself.) I also liked the way Maxis incorporated SimCity 2000's "Reticulating Splines" as well as a few industry names from SimCity 3000. I enjoyed keeping those Sims busy so much that I spent three or four hours straight playing the game!

Overall, on a scale from 1 to 10 (10 being the best), I'd say that this is a #9.999, if not a 10. I don't know how I am ever going to get any work done with The Sims around! :) The Sims seems clearly marked to be one of Maxis' great successes, perhaps even the greatest in the company's history!

Thursday, February 3, 2000

[TheSims] The Sims Review
by Kevin Stange @ 2:00 AM EST
Don't get too excited, I don't have it yet, but I'm probably going to have the game in my hands by sometime this afternoon. I'll let you know how it is as soon as I get to try it out.

It may not be the 4th of February yet, but it looks like the game is already available just about everywhere online, as well as many local stores. Watch this space for a report about the game tonight! :)