March 2000 News Archive

Friday, March 31, 2000

[SimCity] New disasters for SimCity 3000!
by Josh @ 4:22 PM EST
At they've announced four new disasters for SimCity 3000 Unlimited. For all your disaster freaks, many of your requests have come true. For those who are wondering what SimCity 3000 Unlimited is, it's Maxis latest project. They want to introduce loads of new features that weren't added to the hit squeal SimCity 3000TM.

Check out this area for more updated information.

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[(default)] New interview
by Josh @ 2:43 AM EST
Sim Center has posted an interview with Josh van Hulst on the shutdown of Josh's Sim Stuff. For those who don't know Josh's Sim Stuff is about; it's another SimGaming site that offered free hosting as it's specialty to several SimSites.

Here's a small excerpt of what we got:

< Mike > what would you like to say to your past fans?

< Josh > I would like to thank everyone for the big support you've given me through-out the years. Its kept me here all this time. My desire is to help out others in anyway I can.

You can get the rest of the scoop here.

Thursday, March 30, 2000

[TheSims] Interview with Will Wright
by KeithSewell @ 4:23 AM EST
I was lucky enough to catch Will hangin' out at and we got together so i could do a short interview, here is what we talked about.

SimMasterKeithS says, "So whats the story on the patch?"
MaxisTurl says, "Just a few things that were fixed"
MaxisTurl says, "various bugs etc..."
SimMasterKeithS says, "What is the story on the Klapaucius issue?"
MaxisTurl says, "Well, the book it appears in is copyrighted"
You say, "when the game was being developed, how did Maxis seek permission for the name to be used?"
MaxisTurl says, "We didn't really"
MaxisTurl says, "I chose it at the last second just before we shipped."
MaxisTurl says, "In fact it's not illegal to mention a character from a copyrighted book"
SimMasterKeithS says, "Are you overwhelmed with the response of fan reactions to this?"
MaxisTurl says, "It's not really a big deal"
MaxisTurl says, "Just a request from legal that when we patch that we change it to be safe"
SimMasterKeithS says, "i have seen alot of users being very out-raged about this, what do you have to say to them?"
MaxisTurl says, "I'll just tell them the new cheat"
MaxisTurl says, "Im amazed that it's such a big issue"
MaxisTurl says, "We didn't mean to hide it from the players"

The new cheat that replaces Klapaucius is RoseBud, Remember. You must have the new patch to use this new cheat, I want to thank Will Wright again for his time.

Monday, March 27, 2000

[(default)] SGN Grand Opening
by SeanWildman @ 11:13 PM EST
Well SGN (Sim Games Network) has finally reopened their doors after a few months of being shut down along with Simstuff. (die CommunistTech!!!) Oops sorry... but I like to get that in wherever I can... hehe ;-)
But seriously check it out at its realy cool.

Actuall I haven't talked to the boss Alex in a while, but I came by and saw the news there so I'm assuming that SGN is officially open!!! Hope you guys like the new design. A few pages still aren't there, but don't worry they should be soon.
[TheSims] Sims skinning tutorial
by SeanWildman @ 10:48 PM EST
Threnody, a regular poster to SimzOnline's Skin Database, has written a tutorial outlining her skin-making technique. Her skins rival Maxis' own creations when it come to professional looks, so any skin artists out there might pick up a few tips when reading this. There are screenshots of each step in the process, along with written commentary. Also of note, Threnody makes great use of layers, which are explained in the tutorial, which allow the easy porting of one skin to multiple flesh tones and make editing clothing much simpler. Be sure to give the tutorial a read, here.

Thanks to: Simz Online
[SimCity] SimCity Unlimited Preview
by SeanWildman @ 10:23 PM EST
At they've put up a preview of one of the new building sets going to be included with SimCity Unlimited, the Asian Set. Go here to see. And soon, we should be seeing a preview of the European set. For some background info on the upcoming SimCity Unlimited, go here.

Thanks to: Simz Online

Saturday, March 25, 2000

[(default)] Hello Gamers!
by KeithSewell @ 11:35 PM EST
I have been so busy over the last couple of weeks mainly with school work and i have had no time to post here or at iMaxis. But don't worry, i am back and here to stay. About a week ago i found out that i became a SimMaster on, Which really surprised me. Anyway, when you ever come onto or i will be there to help you guys and gals, Just look out for SimMasterKeithS.

I want to thank Maxis and all the administration on and and all my buddys out there.

Till next time!
[TheSims] The Sims to be Advertised on MTV
by Kevin Stange @ 2:03 PM EST
The Boston Globe reports that Electronic Arts will soon begin an advertising campaign on MTV for The Sims. EA has never before used television as a means of advertising for a game and hopes that they will be able to "entice the flush group of teenagers who have made Christina Aguilera and the Backstreet Boys superstars." The article goes further to say that The Sims "may reach Pokemon proportions next month," which is an amazing feat. Currently over 275,000 copies have been sold, and it is expected that The Sims will far outsell SimCity 3000 and other top games from 1999.

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[(default)] New skins at
by SeanWildman @ 1:45 AM EST
I'm going to start posting an update every time SimzOnline adds to their skin database. I just want to make sure you guys get that, because it really is a great database. The total is now up to 458, and is getting larger all the time. New skins are updated about every 2-4 days.

As for skins added today, you'll find some great new female skins, Cactus Jack, Chris Jericho, some new Iron Man armor, Hercules, The Punisher, and Pinhead (a very origional design). Point your browser here to head right to the database.

Thanks to: Simz Online
[(default)] The Sims Central closes
by SeanWildman @ 1:38 AM EST
The Sims Central has sadly, closed it's doors for good. The webmaster, Droogie, feels like the game is going nowhere, and basicly a complete flop. (I know, makes me mad too.) But nevertheless its gone, farewell to a great site. It was ranked in the top 25 of SimGames site, really a great honor when you consider that there are hundreds of SimGames webites out there. He says that he may revive the site somewhere in the distant future with a different topic, but I'm skeptical.
[TheSims] with Tips for The Sims
by SeanWildman @ 1:32 AM EST
The Computer SimulationGames section of has put up 18 origional tips for suceeding at The Sims. They are pretty helpful, definately worth a read. Click here to head right to the article.

Thursday, March 23, 2000

[SimCity] SimCity 3000 Unlimited Screenshots
by Kevin Stange @ 10:56 PM EST
Sean Wildman (on of our News Reporters) recently directed me to the following URL:

Sniper's Alley SimCity 3000 Unlimited Preview

I was amazed by the screenshots, but could barely believe some of them, so I decided to ask. I contacted Lucy Bradshaw at Maxis and asked her how much of that preview was accurate. Some of the screenshots show unbelievable closeup shots. I also asked about the pricing and whether there would be an upgrade offer for current SimCity 3000 owners. Here's what she had to say:
A couple of those are high quality renders but it is all art that is in the game. Others of what you see are indeed screenshots. The new building sets are absolutely gorgeous, the full integration of BAT buildings really makes the most of the BAT as well as our exchange plans, yes, there are new disasters, terrains and scenario play as well as a scenario creation tool! It's pretty cool.

We will definitely provide an upgrade path to SimCity 3000 owners. I don't have specifics on the offer just yet, we are working that out, but we will definitely post details on shortly.

Glad to hear of your interest and thanks for the nice comments on the screenshots. SimCity remains my all time favorite game to have ever worked on.
[TheSims] New SimDay Special - Fitness Skins
by Kevin Stange @ 5:17 PM EST
The latest in a line of The Sims downloads became available today. Maxis decided to take a break from new objects and release some new skins, a couple are quite literally, skins. Though they don't really seem to be the type of skins your sims would normally wear, that's up to you. Registered users can get the new skins by clicking here!

Saturday, March 18, 2000

[SimCity] SimCity for N64
by SeanWildman @ 7:45 PM EST
N64.IGN has a new preview up of the upcoming game, SimCity 64, for the Nintendo 64DD (Disk Drive). The main feature of the game is the classic SimCity theme embedded in a 3D environment that you can explore on your own.

The graphics resemble the 3D cities in SimCopter, but with a little more flair and detail. Since the game is coming out on the Japanese N64 Disk Drive, there will be no U.S. release. You can read more about the game, and check out some movies and screenshots here.
[(default)] Another New Development with Josh's SimStuff
by Kevin Stange @ 12:08 PM EST
The following message was recently sent to Karl Zimmerman regarding SimStuff, following a sudden decision by CommuniTech to re-review the SimStuff website. Here were their findings:

I think there has been some confusion here. I reviewed the site and found quite a bit of objectionable material, although I would not call it porn or warez. There were dozens of zip files, executables, and gaming-related downloads which would fall under our terms of service as a file distribution violation. These files had no functional purpose on your web site. Examples of files that do have a functional purpose on you site would be HTML files, gifs, jpegs, and cgi scripts. I hope you can see this distinction.

I have spoken to the owner of the company, and we will turn your site back on if you agree to:

1. Remove the .zip, .exe, and the various other downloads which serve no functional purpose on your site.
2. Discontinue offering free hosting. We expect you to control the material you have on your site. By giving away free hosting, you are giving up that control and opening yourself, and us, up to potentially abusive situations.

You will need to speak to Nick Bowen to have your site reactivated. His extension is 5005. Nick will be able to discuss the conditions of your reactivation and answer any other questions you may have.

We apologize for the inconvenience this matter has caused you.
This is a ludicrous development, and the requirements to stop allowing downloadable .exe and .zip files, as well as stop hosting, are grossly unfair and stupid, so Josh will probably be left with no choice but to move to a different server. Good luck to Josh, whatever his decision.

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[TheSims] SimDay Event - New Party Balloons
by Kevin Stange @ 12:01 PM EST
Maxis has put out another new object for the Sims, a set of party balloons. When your neighbors see these balloons out in front, they'll know there's a party going on at your house. Registered users of The Sims can click here now to go to's Downloads Page.

As a reminder, if you ask me for a serial number for the game, I will say no, so don't bother.

Thursday, March 16, 2000

[(default)] Stop Emailing CommuniTech
by Kevin Stange @ 8:00 PM EST
CommuniTech has threatened to charge Josh van Hulst a $250 fee that they can legally charge, if they continue to receive messages of complaint about the termination of SimStuff. Though it's not a fair threat, threats are never fair, so please heed this warning and cease communication with the company.

It's best that we let Josh escape Communitech as soon as possible, and cut his losses. I do encourages anyone that has any dealings with the company to pull out before something like this happens to you, and to refer people to more reputable companies.


Thanks to:

Wednesday, March 15, 2000

[MaxisEA] Congradulations to Maxis Co-founder!
by SeanWildman @ 5:11 PM EST
Jeff Braun, who teamed up with Will Wright to create SimCity Classic and found Maxis about 13 years ago has been hired as Chairman of Broadband Studios. You might remember seeing his name in SimCity 2k under the Braun Llama Dome. Up until last year, he had been Senior Vice President of Development at Electronic Arts since they bought Maxis in 1997. Here is a quote from Braun on the switch to his new career:

Broadband Studios is uniquely positioned for the future of next-generation gaming platforms, enhanced televisions and related Internet/broadband gaming technologies. I am confident that the combination of a strong management team, technology and brands will BBS to become a leader in the area of digital media entertainment.

Monday, March 13, 2000

[SimCity] SimCity 3000 Unlimited
by Kevin Stange @ 8:41 PM EST
According to the Adrenaline Vault, Electronic Arts announced today that Maxis will develop a new, improved version of SimCity 3000, set for release this May.

The new version will include many new buildings (of Asian and European styles), four new disasters, new city events (based on seasons), a terrain and building editor (!!!), as well as a series of thirteen Scenarios and a SimCity Scenario Creator, something that many fans have desired for years.

That's about all that I could find out so far, but I'll keep you posted as more information becomes available!

Thanks to DTRaider for letting me know about this news.
[(default)] FarView Released
by SeanWildman @ 5:58 PM EST
Marginal Software has just released FarView, a small utility that extracts the texture FAR archive in TheSims. Doing so will allow you access to all the games skins and is very useful for skin designers. You can find the program on their website or in SimzOnline's file section.

Sunday, March 12, 2000

[(default)] Will Communitech Get the Message?
by Kevin Stange @ 11:04 PM EST
I have joined the large group of people who have already submitted angry letters to for their actions regarding SimStuff. I hardly think that a company like that cares what people think of them, but here's what I had to say:

I am happy to report that I have never been hosted by CommuniTech. You have done a terrible disservice to the entire SimGaming Community through one single action.

When your company shut down due to pornography and warez content, I was helping out as co-webmaster of the site.


Your actions are disgusting, and I will encourage people to NEVER use your service again. YOUR CUSTOMER SUPPORT is terrible.

Furthermore, how do we know for sure that SimStuff wasn't simply HACKED. If you can't provide DECENT service, why should I believe you can provide DECENT security?

Thanks for angering a lot of people, closing a popular site, giving us someone to complain at, and making a very loud enemy.

You'll be hearing a lot more on this issue from the rest of the Community, and we're a bigger community that you think!

Saturday, March 11, 2000

[(default)] SimzOnline skin database updated.
by SeanWildman @ 12:43 AM EST
In case you didn't know, SimzOnline has a great skin database for TheSims. And they've just updated it today so check it out! They've got tons of great skins like Spiderman, Neo from The Matrix, Terminator, Zelda, The Rock, and Seven of Nine from Star Trek Voyager. Enjoy!

Friday, March 10, 2000

[TheSims] "Another SimDay, Another New Download!
by Kevin Stange @ 3:46 PM EST
For all you plant-lovers, gardeners, landscapers, and botanists out there, Maxis has put together a collection of new plants for your Sims' homes. If you're a registered and licensed The Sims user, you can click here to go directly to "downloads for your game" at and get it now!

Wednesday, March 8, 2000

[(default)] Allow me to introduce myself....
by SeanWildman @ 5:40 PM EST
Hello everyone. I'm Sean Wildman and I'm going to be helping update the news around here. Some of you may know me from the forums. Just wanted to say hello, I look forward to working here, and don't plan to leave anytime soon. :-)
[(default)] Josh's SimStuff Update
by Kevin Stange @ 10:53 AM EST
I spoke to Josh last night about SimStuff, and he tells me he is currently working on convincing Communitech to reopen his account.

He hopes that they will respond favorably and that the site will be able to get back on track as soon as possible.

We are hopeful that the files contained on Josh's site and all hosted sites are still in place, but there is a possibility that everything has been deleted. I wish Josh good luck in his negotiations.

Monday, March 6, 2000

[(default)] Josh's SimStuff Terminated?
by Kevin Stange @ 10:46 PM EST
The SimPage has learned that SimStuff's host, Communitech, has terminated the SimStuff account due to the posting of warez and pornography on one of its hosted sites. As a cowebmaster of SimStuff during Josh's absense, I can't help but feel partly responsible for the problem.

However, I do feel that Communitech should have informed us of the problem prior to closing the account. One single day's notice would have been sufficient for me to terminated the offending user's account.

Saturday, March 4, 2000

[TheSims] Guinea Pig Owners Beware!
by Kevin Stange @ 2:47 PM EST
If you've installed the Sims Guinea Pig, be very careful when placing it in your house.

The Guinea Pig apparently causes some Sims to get sick, and may even kill them. If you've already placed a Guinea Pig in your house and have a sick Sim, make sure to keep his energy bar as high as possible, give him plenty of fluids (you may want to buy a bar), and provide him with lots of rest. If you need to, you can also take one day off from work, but remember that taking two days will cause you to lose your Job. Be sure to keep your healthy Sims away from the sick ones, or you'll spread the illness to others.

Good luck with your sick Sims.

Thursday, March 2, 2000

[TheSims] "SimDay, March 2nd!
by Kevin Stange @ 2:00 AM EST
This week's new add-in object is a Guinea Pig. This furry creature can be in your Sims' houses! If you are a registered The Sims owner, you can click here to get it now!