April 2000 News Archive

Saturday, April 29, 2000

[(default)] Let me introduce myself
by Rand Huck @ 11:07 PM EDT

My name is Rand Huck. I'm from Providence, RI. You may know me from the Sc3000.com forums. It was requested that I help Kevin with his 'quest' to help you find the best 'Sim news'. I hope I will become a helpful part of it, and I will look into all kinds of resources to find some news about Maxis, and all their Sim games.

I will specialize in giving tips about SimCity, and if you have any questions regarding the tips I will be more than happy to give you more information.

Tuesday, April 25, 2000

[(default)] New The Sims Content Coming Soon
by Kevin Stange @ 11:30 PM EDT
Following my return from my vacation on April 30th, I will try to set aside some time to process all the submissions that I have received. Once that is done, I will also do my best to come up with a wealth of new and interesting content for my The Sims section.

What I need, however, are ideas for this content. If you have a suggestion, please click on the "# Replies" below my name and post a reply to this news. Your ideas will be helpful in expanding my The Sims section.

[(default)] Simz Online Database Update
by SeanWildman @ 11:25 PM EDT
Another skin database update today over at Simz Online. You'll find some new female celebreties, and unique male skins. As well as some great looking aliens, zombies, and even a virtual-reality skin!
Something for every pleasure! :-)
[(default)] Icons Explained
by SeanWildman @ 11:21 PM EDT
Sean Wildman (thats me!) has posted a great in-depth explination of every icon you see over your sims' head over at Sim Games Network! It's really informative and detailed, great if you're a newbie and you're wondering what something means! Check it out!

Sunday, April 23, 2000

[TheSims] TheSims.com Hacking
by KeithSewell @ 11:45 PM EDT
This is a important message for people who were in TheSims.com chat room and were present in the chat while the hacking attack happened.

When checking e-mail and you get suspicious messages, delete them straight away.

Virus scan your computer daily.

for chat programs such as ICQ, AIM ( AOL Instant Messanger ), if you get suspicious messages or authorizations decline them or add the person to the ignore list.

I am telling you this because we have had reports of people receiving personal attacks to their PC's ( Personal Computers ) from the same hackers who attacked TheSims.com chat room.

Be extremely careful.

Friday, April 21, 2000

[TheSims] SimDay April 20th
by SeanWildman @ 4:46 PM EDT
Two new downloads for SimDay this thursday, one is the latest MTV commercial. It's based on the character Delores. Not as good as the other two IMO, but worth a look if you're into this whole MTV/The Sims thing. The other one is a pack of topiaries in the shape of (you guessed it!) a llama! Also theres a dolphin, a skyscraper, pyramid, and tree shaped one. They look pretty nice! Would probably look great in an upper class home with lots of gardens and stuff. You can find them atThe Sims.com. Enjoy!

Coming up next week: a live chat with some of the devolopers of The Sims!
[TheSims] A Sequel to The Sims?
by SeanWildman @ 4:45 PM EDT
The question of the week over at Gamespot.com asks people to choose from a list of games and vote on which most deserve a sequel. The Sims is in the list, as well as Archon, Blackthorne, Master of Magic, Moebius, Myth, The Ancient Art of War, Total Annihilation, and Wing Commander. Click here to vote!

Source: Simz Online

Tuesday, April 18, 2000

[(default)] More SimCity 3000 Unlimited Info
by SeanWildman @ 10:13 PM EDT
According to a message from Maxis to SimGamers Headquarters, SC3KU will cost 39.95$ (US) and for current owners of SC3k, there will be an on-box 10$ rebate coupon. Unfortunately for most of us though, you have to still have your receipt. That definately does it for me, I'm not buying it. Yeah, like I still have the reciept for something I bought over a year ago!

Anyway, Maxis goes on to say that it will probably be released in late-May. Although many stores selling the game like Amazon.com are saying it will be out much earlier. I wouldn't trust them, store estimates are just that, estimates; and they are typically pretty exaggerated.
[TheSims] Family Size (Pun Intended! :-P) FAQ
by SeanWildman @ 9:54 PM EDT
A VERY extensive FAQ for The Sims is up over at GameFAQ's.com. And I do mean extensive, the FAQ is almost 275k in size, 66 pages long, with a total of over 34,000 words! Point yourself hereto see it. Bow to the almighty Dan Simpson, author of The Sims: The Complete Guide. Enjoy it, I suggest you print it off if you really want to read the whole thing. Staring at the computer screen that long is awful on your eyes. :-)

Sunday, April 16, 2000

[(default)] Blueprint FAR editor 1.0
by Kevin Stange @ 12:24 PM EDT
Bil Simser, the developer of blueprint, has released the first of his three modules for the tool. The new FAR editor allows users to actually add to and edit FAR files for The Sims. In theory, you could probably replace the general look of the game by changing these files. I also browsed into the Guinea Pig FAR file and discovered that the skills needed for Sims to get sick are hiding inside it!

The FAR editor has a few bugs still which will reportedly be corrected soon, but it's pretty much fully functional. You can download Bil's new release by clicking here.

Thanks to: Bil Simser

Friday, April 14, 2000

[SimCity] Unlimited Preview and New Download
by Kevin Stange @ 7:38 PM EDT
GameSpot has published a detailed, 6-page article, including a full set of screenshots of SimCity 3000 Unlimited. The information there is so extensive that it would be difficult to list it here, so hop on over to GameSpot's Preview by clicking here.

Thanks to: Richard from the SC3000.com forums by way of Lokey on the SimActiveList

The Sims

Yet another skin download has been released at TheSims.com. Yesterday, Maxis release their second character from their MTV advertising campaign as a downloadable skin. The ad is also available on the site. Click here to visit downloads for your game, or here to go to the videos page at TheSims.com.

We also never officially reported the release of the game's version 1.1 patch for some reason, and most of you probably have it by now. It's been out since the end of March. It fixes a wide range of bugs and is available for most localized versions of the game. Click here to visit the patches page and get the right patch for your game.

Thursday, April 6, 2000

[TheSims] SimDay April 6
by SeanWildman @ 11:16 PM EDT
Casting for The Sims. What kind of pants are those? "What kind of... stamps?" "What kind of pants are those!?" "Oh, these pants? Fan-tastic! Yaaaa!"

Sound weird? Apparently, it's passed by Maxis' PR guys and will be heading off to air on MTV during the last two weeks of April. Maxis is sponsoring the VJ competitions this year, and will be using Elwood for some shameless promotion. "Who's Elwood?" you might ask. Elwood auditioning for the part of Father and happens to be this week's SimDay download. You can get him at TheSims.com or in The SimzOnline Sims Files section. In both spots, you'll find the whole commercial for download as a movie file, as well as the skin itself. Coming next week is Alan, the second character Maxis is using in their MTV advertising project.

Thanks to: Simz Online
[(default)] A Few Things...
by SeanWildman @ 11:16 PM EDT
There's been so much news in the past day or so that I decided to save space and time and put two of them into one update.

SimzOnline Updates. SimzOnline added some more to the skin database, including some awesome skeletons (with matching models) from Doctor FrankenSim, plenty of models and female celebrities, a new skin of the Rock, Darth Maul, some WCW wrestlers, and a Mark McGwire jersey. Be sure to check those out here.

New Blueprint Screenshots. Bil Simser has released a new screenshot of one of Blueprint newest modules, FAR Edit, which lets you browse the FAR resource file of the game. In the shot, he's got the UIGraphics.far file opened and is showing off the Spanish splash screen for the game. You can check that out here. In other news, Bil is also looking for ten serious, dedicated, beta testers. Interested applicants are asked to e-mail him. You'll find more information on applying at his site, as well.

Thanks to: Simz Online

Monday, April 3, 2000

[(default)] Another Skin Database Update at SimzOnline
by SeanWildman @ 11:40 PM EDT
More great skins added today over at SimzOnline.com today. Over 60 added in total, including Tomb Raider, C3PO, Qui-gon, and Obi-wan from Star Wars, some new superheros as well as some Dragon Ball Z shirts. As well as the five Spice Girls. (Why anyone would want one of those walking around their neighborhood is beyond me...but nevertheless they're there.) As usual, you can check them all out here.
[TheSims] Loophole to Get Out of Bills
by SeanWildman @ 11:36 PM EDT
Glen sent over a loophole that he found that lets you get away from your bills in The Sims. It's not really a cheat though, since there are no codes or anything like that. Rather it's just a bunch of actions that fool the game into making all the bills just go away. Seems to me like it would be pretty hard to do this constantly through the game, but rather just every now and then when funds get low and you need a bit of extra cash. Anyway here it is:

I had my female Sim grab the mail while my male Sim was eating. She came in the house, walked into the study, and dropped the paper on my table. Knowing she wouldn't pay the bill herself, I ordered her to pay it. By this time my male Sim was done eating. Since he was almost up for a job promotion, I sent him to exercise so he could gain the 1 skill point he needed to be promoted. The workout bench happens to be in the study, the same room the female Sim was in. Anyway, they bumped into each other at the door to the study, so I moved the female Sim and it cancelled the bill payment command. She never dropped the mail, nor did she put it back on the table. It just disappeared from her hand. I set this same thing up again and once again the bill dissapeared. I don't think this will work with free-will mode enabled, because she tried to move on her own before I told her to. I also moved the male Sim in this process.

Thanks to: Simz Online