May 2000 News Archive

Wednesday, May 31, 2000

[(default)] Source: Simz Online
SimLink 1.4 Released
by BrandonQuigley @ 12:01 PM EDT
Paul has added another new feature to SimLink. Version 1.4 adds support for house importing and exporting. You can even have it save houses with their included walls and floors, in a ZIP archive, for easy trading and uploading. Previous features, like neighborhood and MP3 management are still included, making this utility well worth downloading.

Monday, May 29, 2000

[TheSims] Source: Simz Online
WinAmp Skin based on The Sims
by Kevin Stange @ 12:06 AM EDT
Jerm, over at Simz Online, has discovered a WinAmp skin at that is based on the control interface of The Sims. It's a fairly clean layout, and if you love the game interface, you'll probably love this skin too.

Click here to preview or download it now.

Sunday, May 28, 2000

[TheSims] Source: The SimGamers' HeadQuarters
The Sims Falls out of Top Slot
by Kevin Stange @ 11:57 PM EDT
The Sims has dropped out of first place for the week of 5/7/2000. It is now sandwiched between the two Millionaire editions, based on the PC Data rankings we all love to follow so closely:

1. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire 2nd Edition
2. The Sims
3. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
4. MP Roller Coaster Tycoon
5. Microsoft Age Of Empires II: Age of Kings
6. EverQuest: Ruins Of Kunark
7. Starcraft
8. MP Roller Coaster Tycoon Corkscrew Follies
9. Hoyle Board Games 2000
10. Soldier Of Fortune
[MaxisEA] Source: Simz Online
SimThemePark 2.0 Released
by Kevin Stange @ 11:47 PM EDT
Bullfrog has put together a patch will bring your copy of SimThemePark up to final version 2.0. The repairs include fixes for various gameplay bugs. New support has also been added for new rides releases that are coming soon.

Check out for details on the new patch, or click here to download it directly from EA FTP.
[(default)] Source: Simz Network
Simz Network: Officially Closed
by BrandonQuigley @ 4:06 PM EDT
Once SimsVille Weekly opened up on May 21, 2000 the Simz Network at Homestead had officially closed. There was an un-notified error at Simz Network and all there information had to be deleted. The official Simz Network hosted sites were:
-Sim Family
-Simz Family
-Sim Hotel
-and SimzVille Online

You probably have noticed that we have been gathering more sites into the network and have been getting unavailable news, but this was the start of the error, we think otherwise.

Thanks Dean
[(default)] Source: SimsVille Weekly
SimsVille Weekly
by BrandonQuigley @ 1:53 PM EDT
A new SimsVille page opened last week, its called "SimsVille Weekly". The site is only half way done and is planned to be finished by the end of June. Anyone with updates or anything like that contact the webmaster at

Also the webmaster wants to know if anyone who is interested in being on SimsVille Weekly's Staff e-mail him at He only needs one person. There will be no pay, he just wants your help.
[SimsVille] Source: Adds Content
by Kevin Stange @ 12:22 AM EDT is no longer just a simple splash page. Franco at just informed me that the site now contains news, the teaser video, and also some screenshots. Click here to take a peek.

Friday, May 26, 2000

[(default)] Source: The Top 50 Sim Sites
The Top 50 Sim Sites: Is It Back?
by BrandonQuigley @ 11:56 AM EDT
The Top 50 Sim Sites went down last week by loosing all of its members listings. This week its all filled up and running great. This just shows us that The Top 50 Sim Sites is really popular to get 50 listings in just a week. Well anyway the question that we should be asking ourselves is, is it going to happen again? As we all know that TopSiteLists probably just had an error or something and deleted all of The Top 50 Sim Sites members off the list. But we just hope that it doesn't happen again. But people support SimsZone and put your site in The Top 50 Sim Sites listings.

Thursday, May 25, 2000

[(default)] Source: The Sims Review
What will be The Sims Review's new name?
by BrandonQuigley @ 7:00 PM EDT
As you all probably know by now The Sims Review (an The Sims website that is changing gears) is changing its main focus from The Sims to SimsVille. I've spoke to the owner and he said that his new site design will be up and working by June. I don't know if he has changed it or not, but anyway keep a look out for it. Also if anyone would like to help pick out a name for the site e-mail him at
[TheSims] This week's SimDay event
by Rand Huck @ 9:07 AM EDT
Today's SimDay event are the results of the Slum Lords Contest, along with a chat with Will Wright. Click here to check them out!

UPDATED: They have added another skin today, as well. I didn't see it this morning, and I believe they just added it to their site later today.

Next week they will have what appears to be a glowing flamingos, with hopefully more things.
[(default)] Source: Simz Online
Sim Editor Website Available
by BrandonQuigley @ 8:31 AM EDT
The official Sim Editor website is now online. The Site will be taking place at the Mall of the Sims. The store is not yet open. It started at another location,, but is now moving to a more popular website, Mall of the Sims.

Wednesday, May 24, 2000

[TheSims] Source: Anders Steinlein
Cosmo3D Reviews The Sims
by Kevin Stange @ 12:14 AM EDT
Cosmo3D has just posted a review of The Sims, giving it a 9- out of 10 score. Here's an excerpt:

"A life simulator would obviously be a really comprehensive game, and The Sims is. It is however genially presented with its user-friendly interface, making it a breeze to play. The manual is excellent, covering everything you could possibly ever want to know about the game. Reading it is however not required due to the excellent interface, but I do recommend doing so anyway, to get as much enjoyment as possible out of the game."

Click here to view the rest.

Tuesday, May 23, 2000

[TheSims] Source: The SimGamers' HeadQuarters
Latest from PC Data
by Kevin Stange @ 11:53 PM EDT
According to the latest from PC Data, The Sims is still selling like proverbial hot cakes. It held the number one position once again in both the best-selling games, and best-selling software title overall. Congratulations to Maxis again!

Best-selling games:

1. The Sims
2. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
3. EverQuest: Ruins Of Kunark
4. MP Roller Coaster Tycoon
5. Microsoft Age Of Empires II: Age of Kings
6. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire 2nd Edition
7. Grand Slam Bridge III
8. Jane's WWII Fighters
9. Aliens vs. Predator Gold
10. MP Roller Coaster Tycoon Corkscrew Follies
Best-selling software:

1. The Sims
2. Norton Antivirus 2000 6.0
3. Microsoft Expedia Streets/Trip Planner
4. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
5. VirusScan 5.0
6. Microsoft Windows 98 Upgrade SE
7. Norton System Works 2000
8. EverQuest: Ruins Of Kunark
9. Microsoft Greetings
10. MP Roller Coaster Tycoon
[(default)] Source: SimzVille Online
SimzVille Online: Need Staff!!
by BrandonQuigley @ 5:04 PM EDT
As you all know, SimzVille Online is going through a big change. I just re-designed the site and deleted some pages. Our main game is SimsVille and we will start doing more games and information as we go.

As I'm the owner of SimzVille Online, I need staff, only 1 or 2 people, just at least 1. So anyone who would like to e-mail me about it please e-mail me at

So please if your interested please e-mail me. You can help as:
-and other useful jobs.
[(default)] iMaxis is finally open
by Rand Huck @ 2:31 PM EDT
After two months of waiting Inside Maxis is now open again with a new face. It is not completely finished, as there are a few broken links that need to be debugged, but the interface is fantastic. Come and check it out!

Monday, May 22, 2000

[(default)] Source: Mall of the Sims
On the Move: Mall of the Sims
by BrandonQuigley @ 5:04 PM EDT
I visited Mall of the Sims site as usual and came across some important news. This is what it said:

Well, we've come to a point were we've once again outgrown are current web-hosting service and have decided to make a move to another service. This is not in any way due to the lack of service by our current provider.

This move will result in TEMPORARY OUTAGES. If you experience an outage of Mall of the Sims web site, please don't be alarmed. We are not shutting down or going offline, we are merely moving our site.

The News Article Went On and On.... But I Just Didn't Want Anyone To Be Alarmed That Mall Of The Sims Is Closing, Because They're Not.
[MaxisEA] Source: Patrick Buechner, Maxis PR
Reports of Streets of SimCity 3000 Greatly Exaggerated
by Kevin Stange @ 10:29 AM EDT
We recently received a report from MaxisGamer that Maxis was in the process of developing a new game called Streets of SimCity 3000. Unfortunately, we have discovered that this report is false.

I contacted Patrick Buechner at Maxis, and asked him if there was any truth to the rumors. He replied, "Absolutely no truth to either a Streets or Copter 3000."

Streets of SimCity fans will definitely be disappointed, but hopefully Maxis will come up with something even better for us soon.

Sunday, May 21, 2000

[(default)] Source: Sims Zone
The Top 50 Sim Sites is currently down...
by BrandonQuigley @ 7:53 AM EDT
As everyone has noticed already The Top 50 Sim Sites is currently down. As heard Top Site Lists has had an problem with there system and have deleted alot of important information on the list. If it will not bring up again, Sims Zone will start an new list.

The advantages of making a new list would be:
-No banner ad's
-Beter graphics and layout
-Faster loading times
-Most important, a back up facility so these problems will not happen again.

Saturday, May 20, 2000

[TheSims] to announce Slumlords contest winners.
by Rand Huck @ 11:19 PM EDT
After a few weeks of recieving entries from slummy sims, the contest will end in a few days, and they will judge and nominate the winners Thursday (SimDay). They will also have a few other things available, but what that is remains to be uncovered...
[(default)] Source: SimzVille Online
Simz Family
by BrandonQuigley @ 2:28 PM EDT
SimzVille Online has been updated today. Dean is looking for staff for the site. He would like anyone who is interested in his site to e-mail him at


Friday, May 19, 2000

[SimCity] I've finally got Sim City 3k Unlimited!
by BrandonQuigley @ 7:19 PM EDT
Today I bought Sim City 3000 Unlimited, and really enjoyed it! I really like all the new graphics Maxis added and love the new scenarios. I'm going to always love Sim City 3000, and anyone who doesn't have your own copy yet, purchase it, I'm sure you'll love it.

Maxis is my favorite game company, and so every new game that comes out by them, I go to buy it. I already own almost all the Maxis games there are.

Just a small reminder that Sim City 3000 Unlimited is an great upgrade.

[SimCity] SimCity 3000's old downloads will not be available until later this year
by Rand Huck @ 8:22 AM EDT
People who own SimCity3000 (not unlimited) are not going to be able to get their downloads until July. This includes the landmark sets, BAT and anything from the City and building exchange. Unfortunately you won't find it in other sites because they are hosted by Maxis.
[TheSims] Source: Simz Online
The Sims Tops April in PC Sales...
by BrandonQuigley @ 8:04 AM EDT
We really don't need a chart to tell us this, but The Sims was the highest selling software (not just as a game), overall, for the month of April. This means more people were buying The Sims than both Norton AntiVirus and the latest version of Windows. Here's the list:

1. The Sims
2. TurboTax Deluxe
3. Turbo Tax
4. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
5. Norton Antivirus 2000 6.0
6. Microsoft Windows 98 Upgrade Second Edition
7. MP Roller Coaster Tycoon
8. TurboTax Multi State
9. Microsoft Expedia Streets/Trip Planner
10. Norton System Works 2000 3.0

Thursday, May 18, 2000

[TheSims] Source: The Elusive Josh's Sim Stuff
SimDay: Wazzup Video and Expansion Chat
by Kevin Stange @ 6:01 PM EDT
Well, first thing's first, Maxis has pulled in 3 awards at the Interactive Achievement Awards for the Sims. One of these awards, as we already reported nearly a week ago, was Game of the Year. It also won "Outstanding Achievement in Game Design" and "Outstanding Achievement in Game Play Engineering."

There's a short movie known as the "computer games Wassup!" It's a pretty funny clip and features a Sim. Take a peek!

But wait, there's more! Maxis will also be holding a nice little chat about the new The Sims Expansion pack due this fall. The chat begins at 7 PM Eastern time. Click here to go to Chat.
[(default)] Source: Sim Land
Whats going on with Sim Land?
by BrandonQuigley @ 5:10 PM EDT
If you all haven't noticed yet a sim-site called Sim Land has not been updated for a while. I've been talking to David (the owner of Sim Land) and he told me he was making a network for all sorts of games.

As Sim Land is hosted by David's brothers site called (which was shut down like Josh's Sim Stuff but for a short time) David plans to take his site offline and start his network. David's planned out site contains RCT (RollerCoaster Tycoon), Pokemon, The Sims, and other popular games. We all can't wait till the big move but it just isn't going to be the same with out Sim Land. Don't you all agree?

Wednesday, May 17, 2000

[(default)] Source: Mall of the Sims
Previews now at Mall of the Sims!!!
by BrandonQuigley @ 10:07 PM EDT
A Sim Site called Mall of the Sims, is now doing previews over SimsVille. It contains all kinds of information! It includes screenshots, descriptions, and plus more!

Mall of the Sims is also doing an preview over The Sims expansion pack. All this information will be posted at Club Mots section at Mall of the Sims. So come on over and see for yourself.
[(default)] Allow me to introduce myself...
by BrandonQuigley @ 6:57 PM EDT
Hi, My name is Brandon Quigley. I've been posting some important news at The SimPage. I really am excited about me being in The SimPage's Staff! Why did I pick The SimPage? Well, I guess I just loved The SimPage since it opened. Everyone who has visited The SimPage, thanks and keep up the great work. I would like to thank all the staff members, plus Kevin for joining me into his sites staff. If you would like to contact me about anything, my hotmail address is and my ICQ # is 36174634.

[MaxisEA] Source:
SimThemePark confirmed for Mac release
by KeithSewell @ 2:24 AM EDT
Hello Everyone!

Are you a Mac user? Do you like Sim games? Would you like to play SimThemePark on your Mac?. If you answered yes to those three questions, good news!. The popular title SimThemePark for the PC is now going to be avalible on the Mac!. I quote from David Stephen of Feral.

"SimThemePark is a great game with a superb heritage. It is ideal for the Macintosh with its traditional enthusiasm for sim games and its broad appeal as a family entertainment machine. We are thrilled to be publishing it."

Also, Jeff Gamon, Producer on SimThemePark at Bullfrog said:

"We are delighted that Feral are releasing SimThemePark and we look forward to lots of Mac gamers joining Windows and PSX gamers in the SimThemePark online community."

Work on the Macintosh development is well underway with release scheduled for late June. Aspyr Media, Inc. will handle distribution in of Sim Theme Park in North America.

The arrival of SimThemePark will be greatly greeted by Apple and adds further proof of the Mac's resurgence as a gaming platform for all the family.

Tuesday, May 16, 2000

[SimCity] Source: Matt Czolij
The New
by Kevin Stange @ 4:02 PM EDT
As the release of SimCity 3000 Unlimited approaches, Maxis has gone ahead and completely redesigned with a cool new look and new content, including screenshots from the game and an entirely separate section for the SimCity Exchange. It's an impressive change. Click here to take a look.

Note that you will need to be a registered user of SimCity 3000 Unlimited in order to access some of the new features. You will be able to use your The Sims or old login for this purpose, but it will need to be upgraded.

Monday, May 15, 2000

[SimCity] Sc3000 Unlimited Rebate Info
by Josh @ 8:39 PM EDT
Maxis has new information on regarding if there would be a rebate to customers who bought SimCity 3000™. They report:

If you are a current owner of SimCity 3000 and purchase SimCity 3000 Unlimited between 5/16/00 and 6/24/00, you can receive a $10 rebate by mail on your SimCity 3000 Unlimited purchase (North America only).
According to Maxis, SimCity 3000 Unlimited should be out by May 18. This is
nifty news for all the fans who asked if there would be such a deal. Obviously Maxis listens! So, save up your money! :-)
[TheSims] CD patch for The Sims
by Josh @ 8:07 PM EDT
Sim Games Network has offered a little patch for The Sims, in which you can play The Sims without the CD. It's very useful if you find yourself having to located the CD every time. Here's a little quote from the site:

We have just got our hands on a hot little program which allows you to play The Sims without the CD. It is basicly a new Sims.exe to replace with your old one. The program can be downloaded here. We in no way indorse the use of this file in an illegal such manner either. We provide it for personal use only!
If you would like to download the patch, you can do so by clicking here.

Disclaimer: We here @ The SimPage do not endorse the use of this file in an illegal matter. This is solely intended for the use of registered owners of The Sims™.
[(default)] New information on Josh's Sim Stuff
by Josh @ 7:39 PM EDT
Hey guys!

   I just wanted to let you all know that I have talked with CommuniTech.Net for the 7th time to try to reestablish some kind of agreement with them. I talked to Nick Bowen (Who is head of CommuniTech.Net), and he said there is no way he can reestablish service. He said we violated Terms of Service with our sub-domain hosting service, so in his own words, "This is a decision that has already been decided by everyone, so we can in NO way restore service...". He said all he could provide us, is a temporary access to the server, in which we can download all the member's accounts. In any event, I'll be downloading all the files that were on the server before the shutdown. Our next step is to find a reliable host that will be as good or better like CommuniTech.Net was.

I hope to have a new host for Josh's Sim Stuff soon, and re-host all the members that has lost hosting through this event. I want to once again thank everyone who has hosted with us, and has helped us get where we are now.

- Josh van Hulst

Owner of Josh's Sim Stuff

Saturday, May 13, 2000

[(default)] Source: and Yoru Hikage
SimEden Delivers 30 more E3 Photos
by Kevin Stange @ 12:48 AM EDT's E3 correspondent, Yoru Hikage, has provided them with another 30 E3 pictures. Among the pictures are shots of the new The Sims - Livin' Large Expansion, SimsVille, and even a photo of Will Wright. They've got a great collection. Click here to take a look. still promises to have some E3 video up soon.
[MaxisEA] Source: SimGames Network and SimNetwork Gaming
Reviews & Previews
by Kevin Stange @ 12:46 AM EDT
We've come across a slew of previews and reviews for Maxis titles that may interest you. Take a look for yourself!

Friday, May 12, 2000

[MaxisEA] More information about Simsville and the Sims expansion pack
by Rand Huck @ 10:14 PM EDT
Gamespot has some information about Maxis' newest project, Simville with some screenshots of their prototype. Gamespot also gives you more information about the new features The Sims new expansion pack will bring.Click here to see them
[TheSims] The Sims SimDay Download for May 11th
by Kevin Stange @ 3:49 PM EDT
Maxis has put out a pair of new objects that will let you get rid of your garbage in style. The new download adds two new trash cans, the Professional and Elephant Foot models. If you're tired of that standard trash can in your kitchen, these are some nice alternatives. Registered users may click here to go to the download page and get the new cans.
[MaxisEA] Source: Patrick Buechner, PR Director at Maxis
The Latest News from Maxis
by Kevin Stange @ 3:41 PM EDT
Patrick Buechner, of Maxis, just got back to me on a few questions I had about various things, and here are some of the things he had to say:

Regarding E3, "Hey Kevin, good to hear from you. We're actually here a E3 right now, showing off The Sims: Livin' Large and SimsVille. Will [Wright] and I just got back from the Interactive Achievement Awards where The Sims won three awards including Game of the Year...the highest honor."

Regarding SimMars, The Sims, and new titles (?), "SimMars is on hold and we do not have staff at Maxis currently working on the game. With the phenomenal success of The Sims, we've decided to move resources to support that franchise as well as other titles that we haven't even announced yet."

Regarding the Maxis name and logo, "As for as how the Maxis name will be represented on the box, we are still considering a number of options. The Maxis logo will certainly appear in games as in the past. We'll definitely have this figured out by the time we ship Livin' Large."

So things are going well for Maxis. Apparently SimMars is on hold due to the success of the Sims, not because of the EA Games changes, and has not been cancelled.

Congrats to them on that Game of the Year award for The Sims, and keep up the good work. We'll keep you posted on developments in all of these areas.

Thursday, May 11, 2000

[(default)] Source: and Yoru Hikage
SimEden's E3 Correspondent Delivers
by Kevin Stange @ 11:39 PM EDT
SimEden's E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) Correspondent, Yoru Hikage of, has supplied them with 3 cool photos from the SimsVille display there. They're a exclusive, so hop on over there to take a look. Click here.

SimEden's promising more photos soon, and even some E3 video from Yoru.

Tuesday, May 9, 2000

[] The SimPage becomes partner site
by Kevin Stange @ 12:49 AM EDT
The SimPage has joined SimEden in becoming a partner site. As an official partner, I should let you know a little bit about what has to offer.

In most recent news, has now opened up its free web-based email access at If you'd like an address, click here to visit the signup page.

The growing SimGaming portal is also looking for SimGames websites to host. If you're interested in's hosting services, click here. is also home to a SimGames search engine, forums, and a banner exchange. Go check them out by clicking here.
[(default)] Source: The SimGamers' HeadQuarters
Unlimited Release Date Announced
by Kevin Stange @ 12:33 AM EDT
Maxis officially announced today that SimCity 3000 Unlimited, the enhanced version of SimCity 3000 is set to be released on May 18, 2000! Additionally, the company announced plans to redesign I'm looking forward to both events.
[SimsVille] Source:
Introducing SimsVille
by Kevin Stange @ 12:27 AM EDT
Perhaps we've finally found the reason for halting production on SimMars. Maxis has been keeping really quiet about their activies over the past couple weeks, but finally today, their silence has broken, and what a way to break it!

Maxis announced that they are now in production of a new SimGame called SimsVille. For all intents and purposes, the game combines the ultimate city simulator of SimCity 3000 with the remarkable people simulator known as The Sims. Basically, the player is placed in charge of a town (this is the SimCity end). However, inside that little town, the player gets to control individual homes within that town (The Sims portion). It also goes a step further to allow you to deal with the town's shops and businesses, as well. According to the official website, the game is targeted for release in 2001. If this game lives up to its amazing potential, SimMars can wait!!

We've already got our SimsVille section up and running, but I'm still in the information collection phase. There's not much there yet, but keep watching that space for more content soon!

Sunday, May 7, 2000

[SimMars] Save SimMars Petition
by Kevin Stange @ 2:31 PM EDT
On the news that SimMars has been placed on "indefinite hold" by Maxis/EA, a petition has been started to encourage Maxis to resume work on the project. If you are one of the many fans looking forward to the game's release, you may want to jump over to the sign and "sign" it. Click here to visit the Save SimMars Petition.

Friday, May 5, 2000

[TheSims] has two new downloads this week
by Rand Huck @ 9:28 AM EDT
Two new things have come to First, The Sims 'Jukebox'. No, this isn't for your sims, it's for you! It's a desktop MP3 player with a Sims skin, so if you want some music with some 'Sim' touch, get this player!

Second, the White House has become available. It will fill in lot two. To see how your sims will live in 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Come and get it!

Wednesday, May 3, 2000

[MaxisEA] Update: No More Maxis?
by Kevin Stange @ 3:18 PM EDT
Apparently there has been quite a bit of confusing and conflicting information circulating about the EA Games consolidation. While it is true that EA will consolidate all of it's gaming holdings into the EA Games label, Maxis will not be gone. In reality, Maxis will still stay where it is, in its own offices. Under EA's current proposal, Maxis's name and logo will no longer appear on boxes as a brand name, however, Maxis hopes to somehow arrange to continue using the name due to the significant meaning it carries with fans.

Patrick Buechner of Maxis recently informed me that, "EA knows that the name Maxis has tremendous equity within the gaming and Sim fan community. So, we are exploring ways to provide Maxis authorship on our titles, while branding them EA GAMES."

What it all boils down to is that Maxis will still be there, and will continue to function as it has been. The only change will be how its games are labeled. If Maxis is successful, though the games may still be branded as EA Games, they might be considered part of the Maxis gaming collection or series, for example.

My primary concern is that I want to keep that Maxis name and it's logo on my SimGames boxes.

Tuesday, May 2, 2000

[MaxisEA] Source:
No More Maxis?
by Kevin Stange @ 11:19 PM EDT
I am sorry to report such news, but Adam Steinbaugh of tells me that Maxis may be no more. Electronic Arts has decided to consolidate all its subsidiary companies into EA Games, EA Sports, and This would mean that the Maxis logo and its name would no longer be used.

There are also unconfirmed reports that SimMars has now been canned, however, these reports remain unconfirmed. At this time, Maxis representatives still maintain that the game is on "indefinite hold."

Extensive details are not currently available, but reportedly much of the SimGames community is displeased, as is Maxis itself. As of the last report I heard, Maxis is hoping to be able to continue to use its own logo and name, and should be keeping its current offices and production team.

Adam is, as always, a strong advocate for the SimGames community and plans to organize a petition to Electronic Arts. More details to come soon.

I will be among the many webmasters that will always give Maxis, not EA, credit for its great line of SimGames, and therefore will still consider and report all "SIM" games to be products of Maxis Software, an subsidiary of Electronic Arts.
[TheSims] Non-SimDay Release
by Kevin Stange @ 11:19 PM EDT has officially released an MP3-playing JukeBox desktop application that "allows the user to experience interacting with one of the objects from the hit game The Sims." The JukeBox application will play up to 30 MP3 files placed in it's own program folder.

This is not an actual add-in for the game. It is simpy an external application that demonstrates the JukeBox.

You can download it by clicking here.

Monday, May 1, 2000

[(default)] has been hacked
by Rand Huck @ 11:49 PM EDT
A hacker known as 'Hi!' has hacked into the forums, creating havoc on the group called ''. He has flooded the forum with threads titled, 'Be afraid, be very afraid'. He started with rudley attacking another's signature, and the next posts he wrote were the 100 threads with the title above. We do not know who this could be, though the moderators are looking into the situation. is the renowned site dedicated to SimCity3000 fans like us, which has some of the best forums most people have ever browsed into.
[TheSims] The Sims new contest
by Rand Huck @ 8:46 PM EDT
Lots 6 and 9, the slums of the neighborhood. It's cheap, up to the busy road, and is small. Now, you can make it into your own money! The 'Slum Lord' contest will start this Thursday, so send in your poor sims that day, and they will judge it based on creativity and gameplay, most of which will be creativity. It should be easy, and I'm sure there is that one guy who will just send in an outhouse with a single toilet (okay, maybe more than one), and that isn't creative. This time, Rhode Islanders ARE elegible. That's me. Gotta go. Starting to building my slum house. :-)
[TheSims] SimDay Special for April 27th
by Kevin Stange @ 5:43 PM EDT
I'm late, but I didn't forget. Maxis has released a set of Coped Flowers to brighten up your garden. They'd probably look great with those topiaries from last week, but don't quote me on that. There are three in all. As always, registered users can get the new download by clicking here!

Next week should be a house download, but not just any house. The house is white, and you'll find a life-sized copy of it in Washington, D.C....any guesses?
[SimMars] SimMars Project Placed on Indefinite Hold
by Kevin Stange @ 5:22 PM EDT
I recently received a report that SimMars was placed on "indefinite hold." I contacted Maxis and just today received confirmation of this report. Unfortunately the Maxis staff member I contacted informed me that he could not tell me anything other than that.

I do not know at this point whether or not this means that the project has simply been paused for some reason or if it is going to be altogether cancelled, only that for the time being Maxis has stopped working on it.

I wish I had more detailed information to report and some type of explanation for you, but I simply do not know anything else. I will try to keep you posted on any developments on this news.

If you want to post your thoughts and comments, feel free to click the replies link below my name and talk to us.
[SimCity] Many people skeptical about SimCity Unlimited's succeeding
by Rand Huck @ 9:20 AM EDT
SimCity Unlimited, coming out May, is a new add-on to SimCity 3000, though it will work independently of SimCity3000. It will contain new scenerios, including a scenerio editor, more disasters, more buildings, more landmarks, and the new and improved BAT, Buildings Architect Plus. This tool now has props like trees and cars you can add to any building.

There are some outraged fans angry about this new game. Here are the most common complaints:
1.) The buildings look awful

2.) The disasters are pathetic

3.) It is pretty much SimCity3000 only with a new skin over it

4.) It costs too much
I used to feel the same way, until I finally realized I could justify what these people were saying. Here are some of my counter arguments.

The buildings look awful

I have seen the buildings and feel the same way. They do look pathetic. What do you do? Create your own! Just go to Building Architect Plus, and create your own buildings with their new prop features. You can create great skyscrapers yourself, and 'magically' the buildings will look like yours!

The disasters are pathetic

I pretty much felt the same way. I saw the locusts and saw what looked like some big building size pests, like some of which you saw in those bad movies. I then looked at some more recent screenshots and found that that was just the beginning of the disaster.

If you saw the UFO invasion, the beginning shows a UFO right up to you. They do the same effect for locuts. They will go down into the city from up high and create havoc on the farms.

It is pretty much SimCity3000 with a skin on it

Don't judge a book by its cover. I think they did this because it is perhaps the best interface you can have. It's out of the way, easy to use with the mouse, and the ticker is always there for you. The features that it comes with will be much different than SimCity3000.

It costs too much

I've heard some rumors that they will give a rebate for SimCity3000 owners. I don't know how to tell the people you are one, except just show them the CD or something. I'm sure you just tossed the recipt, like me. I don't know what kind of a rebate they will give, but I'm sure it will be affordable and reasonable. I'm sure you are saying that these are only rumors, but how can they just charge the owners of SimCity3000 $50?

This might clear some path for you. My final word is that you should get SimCity Unlimited for the best SimCity experience yet. I'm sure you won't regret it.