May 2002 News Archive

Monday, May 27, 2002

[SimCity4] Source: Voodoo Extreme
Additional E3 Footage of Sim City 4
by Nick Steffel @ 1:16 AM EDT
A Czech gaming site has scored some Handicam-shot footage from the E3 floor featuring Sim City 4. The video is about 1:30 long, and seems to feature a temporary trailer cinematic (or some simply mindblowing game footage). You can get the video here. Thankfully the word "download" doesn't seem to translate out of English.

Friday, May 24, 2002

[SimCity4] Source: Slashdot
SimCity 4 Slashdotted!
by Kevin Stange @ 11:37 PM EDT
SimCity 4 has been slashdotted! A recent news post at the popular news source for nerds has opened discussion of the upcoming game. Some people are happy, others are not. Check out the buzz, by clicking here.
[SimCity4] Source: Forum
E3 Videos at IGN
by Kevin Stange @ 2:01 AM EDT
Miguel over at's Discussion Forum called attention to four videos from SimCity 4 that have just been published at IGN. The few elements they show, traffic flow, the tornado disaster, and building construction are impressive, and best of all, you can see them in motion.

Click here and check out these videos at IGN right away!

Thursday, May 23, 2002

[SimCity4] Source: Forum
SimCity 4 News from E3
by Kevin Stange @ 4:26 PM EDT
GameSpot has posted another article about SimCity 4. This article describes Maxis' demonstration of San Francisco in the game and a little more about the personality of the game.

Check out the article here, but quickly, before it's closed to GameSpot subscribers only.

Meanwhile, GameSpy has posted another informative article as well. Check that out here.

Tuesday, May 21, 2002

[SimCity4] Source: SimCity 4 Website
SimCity 4 Website Opens!
by Kevin Stange @ 11:51 PM EDT
In preparation for its debut at the Electronic Entertainment Expo today through Friday, Maxis has launched SimCity 4's official web site starting out with a letter detailing some of the features that Maxis is most excited about, as well as 7 screenshots and what is, so far, an empty "videos" section. It's not unreasonable to speculate that we'll be able to look forward to a trailer there soon.

Much of the letter describes upcoming features that we've already heard a little about, but you'll probably want to read it anyway, since it was written by MaxisJoseph, a Maxis insider. To take a look at the letter, click here, or click here to go to the site's home page.

The general assumption has been that additional information will be published on this site following the completion of E3. We'll keep you posted if we spot anything new.

Monday, May 20, 2002

[TheSims] Source: CNET
The Sims for PlayStation 2
by Kevin Stange @ 11:55 PM EDT
CNET News is reporting that Electronic Arts has signed with Sony to produce The Sims for the PlayStation 2 platform. The game is scheduled to debut this fall.

According to Maxis, the game will include features not found in other versions of The Sims including, "an entirely new 3D world that harnesses the full power of the PlayStation 2 console." The game will even allow for two players to play the game at once.

Reportedly, though no concrete plans have been announced, EA is considering the possibility of porting the game to other console systems.

For the full CNET article, click here, then check out the official Maxis press release right here.

Saturday, May 11, 2002

[SimCity] A new SimCity 3000 tip
by Rand Huck @ 1:24 PM EDT
I have finally dusted off the Prima's guide and, after quite a while, have added a new tip to my section. Living up to your land value goal analyses how certain parts of the game have a direct and indirect effect on land values.

Monday, May 6, 2002

[SimCity4] Source: Gamespot
Gamespot releases SimCity 4 screenshots
by Rand Huck @ 7:14 PM EDT
Gamespot has given us exclusive shots of what SimCity 4 just might look like. Some of the images have hints that landbridges, volcanos, different types of roads will be included in the upcoming sequel to the ever popular SimCity series. You can check out the images here, and as an added bonus, Gamespot has a great preview in store for you here. Enjoy, and please don't let the drool short your keyboard's circuits. :-)

[Webmaster's Note: Due to Gamespot's new subscription service the preview article is now available to subscribers only. We regret that we cannot offer this article to our visitors, nor a summary since none of our staff is currently subscribed to Gamespot.]

Sunday, May 5, 2002

[(default)] Source: Myself :)
New News Reporter
by Rob_Hill @ 3:24 PM EDT
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Saturday, May 4, 2002

[SimGolf] Source:
SimGolf Patch v1.03
by Kevin Stange @ 7:40 PM EDT
Firaxis has released yet another patch for SimGolf which fixes a problem with crashes when using custom golfer heads. If you have not downloaded and installed the previous patches, this patcher will also apply the fixes contained in patch v1.02.

Click here for more information, and to download the patcher.