July 2000 News Archive

Saturday, July 29, 2000

[MaxisEA] Source: GameSpot
Interview With Will Wright
by DevR @ 4:01 PM EDT
GameSpot now has an interview with Will Wright, the creator of Sim City and The Sims! In it, he talks about the new expansion pack for The Sims, Livin' Large. Also, he does say that he is developing a multiplayer "The Sims" game! I'm sure that this is good news for all! You can find the interview here.

Friday, July 28, 2000

[MaxisEA] Source: Simz Online
Latest PC Data Top Sellers
by Kevin Stange @ 2:38 PM EDT
According to PC Data's latest sales figures for the week of July 9th to 15th, Maxis is going strong. The Sims remains in the #2 position, and SimCity 3000 Unlimited is holding at #8. Returning to the top ten is the SimMania Pack which has taken position 9, giving Maxis a good 30% of the chart, which turned out like this:

1. Diablo 2
2. The Sims
3. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire 2nd Edition
4. MP Roller Coaster Tycoon
5. Starcraft
6. Icewind Dale
7. MP Roller Coaster Tycoon Corkscrew Follies
8. SimCity 3000 Unlimited
9. SimMania Pack
10. Microsoft Age Of Empires II: Age of Kings
[TheSims] Source: Simz Online
Playing in Bed Confirmed
by Kevin Stange @ 2:32 PM EDT
Patrick Buechner, PR Director for Maxis, has given Jerm at Simz Online confirmation that the "Play in Bed" option that was reported in numerous previews of Livin' Large will be present in all versions of the game, including the US release. Though several previews, such as the one at Gamespot UK, suggested that the feature might not make it into the US version, it seems Maxis has decided that no limitations are needed.

Thursday, July 27, 2000

[TheSims] Source: SimzOnline
Simday: The grim reaper exposed! plus: Easy street contest ends
by Rand Huck @ 4:21 PM EDT
So, what happens now after your sim dies? He has a chance to live again! Click here to read the spotlight story

In short, you must play a game of rock scissor paper with the Grim Reaper (and win) so you can have your sim back. The story is pretty funny, though.

Also, the Easy Street contest has ended, and the judges will announce the winners next SimDay.

...and next week you can preview the chemistry set in Livin' Large, and they will finally give us a new download!

Tuesday, July 25, 2000

[Community] Source: SimzOnline
Beth explains why we love The Sims
by Rand Huck @ 11:09 PM EDT
Beth, of SimzOnline wrote a second editorial, with the answer to "Why do we like The Sims?" It's a quite impressive and honest essay, and I encourage you to read it. Here is a small part of the article:

Some argue that there is no point to the Sims games. No, that's not true. The point of the game is survival - it's like life.

Click here to read the entire article
[SimCity] Source: SimCity.com
Sim City Chat
by DevR @ 1:01 PM EDT
Don't forget to go to the SimCity.com chat at 4:00pm PST to chat with MaxisPaul, the wizard behind Sim City 3000!

Monday, July 24, 2000

[SimCity] Source: SimCity.com
Sim City Chat Transcripts
by DevR @ 7:55 PM EDT
If you missed the Sim City chats, then you have luck! The transcripts of the two chats have been posted at SimCity.com. You can find the chat with MaxisJoseph here and the chat with MaxisWaylon here.
[SimCity] Source: SimCity.com
Tuesday's SimCity Day
by DevR @ 7:47 PM EDT
Tomorrows SimCity day will be a very special one. MaxisPaul will be chating with all the Sim City fans at 4:00 PST! He is the "wizard" behind Sim City 3000. I'm sure all of you will be glad to hear that he is also programming the simulation "SimsVille" (not all by himself though). Be sure to check out SimCity.com tomorrow for the chat!
[TheSims] Source: SimzOnline
Pregamer gives you a peek at the sim's upcoming expansion pack
by Rand Huck @ 1:31 PM EDT
What is "Livin' Large" going to have? That's the question a lot of people are asking, and Pregamer give you a small preview of the the new expansion pack. Click here to see it.

The article might be very small, but they Pregamer promises to give more information pretty soon.

Friday, July 21, 2000

[Community] Source: Gamecenter
Gamecenter's Top 10 Sim Resources
by Rand Huck @ 12:41 AM EDT
Where can you find the best skins, furniture, add-ons, and other cool Sim stuff? Gamecenter gathered all of the resource sites and organized the top ten sites just for you. Click here to start the top 10
[TheSims] Source: Simz Online
The Sims for Mac Released
by Kevin Stange @ 12:33 AM EDT
The game that the Mac Community has been waiting for is finally here. Aspyr Media has now officially shipped its Mac port of The Sims. The game was shipped on July 18th and should hit stores within just a few days.
[Community] Source: SimzOnline
Beth speaks out on EA's brand on new Sim products
by Rand Huck @ 12:29 AM EDT
Beth, of SimzOnline wrote a very fair essay about how EA is taking over Maxis' title as a game company, and using just the EA brand on Maxis' products. Here is a small snipet of the essay:
Their logic is that if a gamer likes a particular game, such as "EA Football", then when they're ready to play a soccer game, they're going to go in search of "EA Soccer". Okay, I can agree with that. No problem. But what does that have to do with phasing out the decade-old Maxis name?

I really suggest you read the entire editorial and I would love to hear your comments about this essay.
[Community] Source: Sim Games Network
Sim Games Network's New Look
by Kevin Stange @ 12:26 AM EDT
Alex McKenzie of Sim Games Network has just launched a brand new (and impressive) site design and has now expanded to a domain name. You can reach the site at www.sim-games.com. The new design makes an already informative and thorough site even better, and certainly well worth a look. Click here to visit!
[MaxisEA] Source: Simz Online
Latest PC Data Top Games
by Kevin Stange @ 12:11 AM EDT
Maxis has worked its way back up the Top ten software titles from PC Data, once again. For the week of July 2nd through 8th, The Sims has clawed it's way back into second place, making an incredibly long run in the top 3 slots. Meanwhile, SimCity 3000 Unlimited has pulled back into 8th after a couple weeks below #10. Here's how the 10 rounded out:

1. Diablo 2
2. The Sims
3. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire 2nd Edition
4. Icewind Dale
5. MP Roller Coaster Tycoon
6. Deus Ex
7. Starcraft
8. SimCity 3000 Unlimited
9. Microsoft Age Of Empires II: Age of Kings
10. MP Star Trek: Birth Of The Federation

We've also picked up the Top 20 for the month of June, which shows The Sims at #3, SimCity 3000 Unlimited at #7, SimMania Pack at #15, and SimThemePark at #18. All of the games have dropped by two slots from last month with the exception of SimCity 3000 Unlimited which has risen from slot 17. Here's how those stats came up:

1 Diablo 2
2 Who Wants To Be A Millionaire 2nd Edition
3 The Sims
4 MP Roller Coaster Tycoon
5 Vampire: The Masquerade Redemption
6 Diablo 2: Collector's Ed
7 Sim City 3000 Unlimited
8 Microsoft Age Of Empires II: Age of Kings
9 MP Roller Coaster Tycoon Corkscrew Follies
10 Starcraft
11 Shogun: Total War
12 Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
13 EverQuest: Ruins Of Kunark
14 Crystal Key
15 Sim Mania Pack
16 Icewind Dale
17 Sim Theme Park
18 Microsoft Motocross Madness 2
19 Need For Speed: High Stakes
20 Scooby Doo Mystery Of The Fun Park Phantom

Also noteworthy is SimCity 3000 for Mac, which made #3 on the Mac Gaming charts for June.
[MaxisEA] Source: SimzOnline
Maxis is seeking staff
by Rand Huck @ 12:10 AM EDT
Maxis is seeking some new staff members to work for their company. Requirements include experience in public relations along with building press relations, as well as being a college graduate.

If you are interested, head on over here

Tuesday, July 18, 2000

[MaxisEA] Source: Amazon.com
SimMania Pack for Kids
by Kevin Stange @ 4:35 PM EDT
Obviously EA considers Maxis to be a valuable asset. They have continued to support Maxis' older titles through their ownership.

Reportedly, EA will be releasing another SimMania pack to the public tomorrow which will be tailored just for younger kids. Like the previous pack, it will feature six older Maxis titles. The SimMania Pack for Kids will contain SimTown, SimAnt, SimTunes, Widget Workshop, SimPark, and SimSafari.

You can order this pack at Amazon.com by clicking here.

If you would like to check out the original SimMania pack, that's available right here.

Both items are $19.99.

Sunday, July 16, 2000

[Community] Source: Simzonline.com
Homesims.com starts their furnishing collection
by Rand Huck @ 7:55 PM EDT
Home Furnishings for The Sims has finally started their collections of furnishings. Some are unique, while others are just variations of the same Maxis created objects. They also remodeled their entire site, and it looks real neat! Click here to go to the site
[(default)] SimActiveList reaches 200 Members!
by Kevin Stange @ 6:08 PM EDT
The SimActiveList has crossed the threshold to reach 200+ members! I owe thanks to all of my members and the community for their unending support of the ActiveList. It is with your help that the list has been able to be successful and reach milestone after milestone.

In celebration, we're having an all-night "chat-party" event, to which all are welcome! If you're a member, just log on and chat. If not, you can get information on joining right here!

Oh, and, GAR!!!! (That's the official exclamation of the activelist, which is a long story...) ;-)

Friday, July 14, 2000

[TheSims] Source: Patrick Buechner
Logo Lacking
by Kevin Stange @ 11:18 PM EDT
You may have noticed that the Maxis logo is not present on the Livin' Large expansion pack box art show further down this page. This is due to the label change that Electronic Arts has developed that will group all of its gaming into one sigle label, EA Games.

However, Maxis did manage to keep its logo on the box, despite the new EA label. Patrick Buechner tells me that it will still be seen on the spine and back of the box, and on the game's title screen.
[TheSims] Source: SimNetwork Gaming
The Sims for Mac Near Release
by Kevin Stange @ 11:09 PM EDT
The Macintosh release of The Sims, being ported by Aspyr Media, is reportedly very near release. Pre-release orders could possibly be delivered by sometime next week.

If the success of the Windows version is any indication, The Sims for Macintosh will be in high demand.

Thursday, July 13, 2000

[TheSims] Source: Sim Games Network
PC Data Stats for 6/25 to 7/1
by Kevin Stange @ 2:42 AM EDT
The latest PC Data stats are out. These are for the week of 6/25 to 7/1. Diablo 2 pushed The Sims out of 2nd place into 3rd. Millionaire has fallen to 5th. As an interesting note, the top five selling software products for the week are also the top five in the games category.

1 Diablo 2
2 Diablo 2: Collector's
3 The Sims
4 Icewind Dale
5 Who Wants To Be A Millionaire 2nd Edition
6 MP Roller Coaster Tycoon
7 Shogun: Total War
8 Deus Ex
9 MP Roller Coaster Tycoon Corkscrew Follies
10 Starcraft

Tuesday, July 11, 2000

[TheSims] Source: EBworld.com
""The Sims" Mac version
by DevR @ 10:14 PM EDT
All you mac people out there, this is your big chance to catch up with the hype! The Sims will be available in a few days for the Macintosh! It will cost the same amount as it does for the PC, $49.95. If you preorder it, or order it after the release date, it is $44.95 at EBWORLD. You can do that by clicking here. And, no EBWORLD is not paying me to advertise them, I just think that it is a great site for your gaming needs.
[TheSims] Source: EBWorld
Preorder Livin' Large
by DevR @ 3:15 PM EDT
living large boxThe new The Sims expansion pack, "Livin' Large" will be available at EBWORLD on the 7th of September. Click here to preorder it at EBWORLD. Here is the box art on the right.
[SimCity] Source: SimCity.com
Next SimCity Day
by DevR @ 3:04 PM EDT
Next week, the Sim City day will be a new Sim City 3000 Unlimited scenario from MaxisWaylon. This will supposedly have a bit of music history.
[SimCity] Source: SimCity.com
SimCity Day
by DevR @ 3:00 PM EDT
Today, you can chat with MaxisJoseph and ask him all of your questions about BAP (Building Architect Plus). The chat is at 4:00 PST (7:00 EST). Come to the chat here.

Monday, July 10, 2000

[TheSims] Source: Simz Online
SimTransmogrifier Now Available
by Kevin Stange @ 7:27 PM EDT
After a little investigation, Jerm, of Simz Online, received
notification from Maxis that it would not be supporting the Transmogrifier, and that the tool may be freely distributed.

As Rand posted earlier, here's the tutorial. You can also download the program directly from our website by clicking here. This program should be placed in your main game directory.

I should thank my news staff for coming up with this information. The SimPage will be accepting transmogrified creations shortly, as soon as we have determined the copyright limitations involved.
[(default)] Source: Um... me
I will be away until Thursday Night (Rand)
by Rand Huck @ 1:18 PM EDT
I will be going from Providence, Rhode Island to Bridgeport, Connecticut to visit family from Tuesday morning 'till Thursday night, and will not be able to submit any news at that point. I just might be available early Tuesday morning, but I doubt it. See you when I come back!

Sunday, July 9, 2000

[(default)] Source: The SimGamers' HeadQuarters
Intel Announces Pentium 4
by Kevin Stange @ 11:44 AM EDT
For some reason, this particular news item is giving me a lot of trouble. I wrote my news article twice and lost it as many times, so here's very simply, the link to the press release from Intel. Click here.
[TheSims] Source: SimzOnline
A guide to the new Transmogrifier available
by Rand Huck @ 12:21 AM EDT
The new Transmogrifier tool will allow you to tweak some objects that sims can buy in The Sims. You can change their descriptions, costs, and even their looks! There is now a guide webpage for the add-on.

Saturday, July 8, 2000

[TheSims] Source: SimLink
SimLink in German
by Kevin Stange @ 1:27 PM EDT
Paul Dekkers has now completed his German language pack for SimLink. If you speak German, you should get this new pack to convert the program into your own language. Click here to visit the SimLink website for more information.

SimLink is already available in several other languages, including English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, and Dutch.
[TheSims] Source: TheSims.com
The Next Simday
by DevR @ 1:52 AM EDT
The next simday will have information on one of the NPCs (non player characters) in Living Large. The NPC will be the genie. Next thursday come to TheSims.com to learn more about what the genie really is.
[TheSims] Source: TheSims.com
The Sims Family Loss at the Exchange
by DevR @ 12:11 AM EDT
At TheSims.com, the exchange has some families that were missing data files. If downloaded or viewed, it can cause problems so Maxis has temporarily removed these families from the exchange. To see if your families are effected, go to the The Sims Exchange and click on view/edit families. Your ratings and download info will not be lost. If your families aren't there, then reupload them and everything will be fine.

Friday, July 7, 2000

[(default)] Source: Um..............................ME!
New News Reporter
by DevR @ 11:03 PM EDT
Hi, I'm your new news reporter. I'll keep all of you up to date on the simgame community news. I love both The Sims and Sim City 3000 unlimited. Just letting you all know...
[(default)] Introduction
by DaveHuck @ 5:51 PM EDT
Hi! I am new to this site and would like to take a moment to introduce myself. I am Dave and I love computers and particularly like almost all of the sim games. I play The Sims often so I think I can provide with some valuable hints and tips. I will keep you updated on the newest news on the Sims.

Thursday, July 6, 2000

[TheSims] Source: TheSims.com
Today's SimDay Events: A contest and more previews
by Rand Huck @ 12:04 AM EDT
Today's SimDay events include a new contest called "Easy Street". Make stories about your rich sims from lots 1,3,and 4. Perhaps the story can be about how your sim became rich? Or it could be an episode of "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous!". Be creative! For more info, click here

TheSims.com also gives you some more previews of their upcoming expansion pack, "Livin Large". Click here to view the sneek preview!

Wednesday, July 5, 2000

[Community] Source: Simzonline
About.com has a new Sim Community News Network
by Rand Huck @ 11:06 AM EDT
About.com has a new News Network devoted to Maxis fans, and are taking applications for membership at this point. Click here if you want more information to join Features include forums, news board, and other neat stuff. If you want to stay in touch with other Maxis Fans, you should go to this site.

Tuesday, July 4, 2000

[MaxisEA] Source: Simzonline
PC Gamer has Will Wright doing the honors
by Rand Huck @ 11:41 PM EDT
Will Wright was playing "judge" in PC Gamer's "Design Lab" article. Readers send ideas to Wright for new games, and he chooses the best ideas. To get more details read this month's issue of PC Gamer. Will Wright picked an idea for a game based on the Vietnam War as the winner. Tell us about the article by replying to this article, and your comments as to how Wright did in judging the contest.

Sunday, July 2, 2000

[SimCity] Source: SimEden
What is new in SimCity3000 Unlimited? Gamecenter will tell you!
by Rand Huck @ 10:01 PM EDT
GameCenter has released a huge list of what is new in SimCity3000 Unlimited. When you go to it, I'm sure you will be pretty impressed in what GameCenter has done, and perhaps in the game.Click here

Saturday, July 1, 2000

[Community] Source: MaxisGamer
MaxisGamer has Struck
by Kevin Stange @ 9:29 PM EDT
Peter at MaxisGamer has decided to close down and cease to update the site until an unpleasant situation is rectified regarding Karl Zimmerman, Nick Catalano, and SimGames.net. If you're interested in the details, click here.
[Community] Source: Simz Online
Sim Network Gaming Building
by Kevin Stange @ 3:08 PM EDT
Sim Network Gaming has released a "Sim Network Gaming HeadQuarters" for download in celebration of its 2-year anniversary. The building was designed by Andris Petterson exclusively for the site.

You can get the building in either landmark or standard building form for SimCity 3000 Unlimited. Click here to directly download the landmark, or here for the regular building.
[Community] SimGames.net Recovering
by Kevin Stange @ 3:47 AM EDT
It seems at this point, that just about all SimGames.net hosted sites are back up and running. Please let me know if you find any problems with any network sites and I'll pass them to the appropriate people. Click here to email me and report a SimGames.net problem.

SimGames.net appreciates your patience during the server recovery time.