July 2002 News Archive

Monday, July 22, 2002

[SimCity4] Source: sc3000.com
Gamers' Temple releases Sim City 4 Preview
by Rand Huck @ 12:29 PM EDT
A new preview of Sim City 4 has been released to the public by The Gamers' Temple. The article can be found here.

Here's a most interesting new tidbit about what Sim City 4 will be all about:

In SimCity 4, you'll also be given greater control of your city. Place skyscrapers together to form a downtown, and build mansions in the foothills overlooking your city. You'll so have the power to set local budgets, insuring that redevelopment funds go where they are needed. You'll be able to dispatch police cruisers to crime scenes and fire trucks to infernos ... and watch them arrive on the scene and perform their duties. You'll even have your own personal mayor's limo now, so you can go and check things out for yourself. More than ever, you'll be an active participant in the growth and life of your city.

Sources tell me, however, that the mayor's limo might be cancelled, if not already cancelled. I'll update you to confirm this.

Saturday, July 20, 2002

[SimCity4] Source: PC IGN
More IGN Videos!
by Kevin Stange @ 12:39 AM EDT
IGN has posted another batch of videos from a demonstration of SimCity 4. They detail a lot of cool features regarding fire control, roads, disasters, wildlife, and more. They're a little shaky, but they're truly worth taking a look.

Click here to see the new videos!

Choose carefully, though. You can only view 5 videos or screens per day!

Wednesday, July 10, 2002

[TheSims] Source: TheSims.com
The Sims Unleashed confirmed!
by Tristan Stutzman @ 9:05 PM EDT
The Sims Unleashed has just been confirmed by Maxis at The Sims official website.
The Sims Unleashed will contain lots of new features, including being able to go to a pet store and purchase pets, 5 new career paths, and much, much more.
Check out the full press release here!

Wednesday, July 3, 2002

[SimCity4] Source: SimCity 4 Website
SimCity 4 Information Arrives Early
by Kevin Stange @ 8:50 PM EDT
Well, it's a little bit ahead of schedule, but certainly not unwelcome. Maxis has posted three new articles on the SimCity 4 Web site.

Ocean Quigley, a SimCity 4 art director, spotlights the wonders of the brand new terrain editor that's being included in the new game. Meanwhile, David Patch, another art director on the team, takes a look at the extreme changes in the look and feel of buildings. Finally, MaxisJoseph has put together a journal outlining "A Day in the Life of a SimCity Designer."

I highly recommend you check these articles out and see what Maxis has got up its sleeves! Click here to head over to the articles!

Monday, July 1, 2002

[SimCity4] Source: SimCity.com
SimCity 4 Information on the Way!
by Kevin Stange @ 10:53 PM EDT
Maxis has announced this evening that they are planning to post several articles written by the development team on the SimCity 4 web site on Friday. The articles will cover details on buildings and the creation of landscapes, as well as other topics.

Click here to visit the SimCity 4 web site. If you haven't checked it out yet, hop on over now and take a look at the trailer and letter from MaxisJoseph, then check back on Friday for all the new content!