SimCity 3000 Hints & Tips

How to create tunnels

Written By: Rand Huck
Saturday, April 29, 2000

I know how you feel. I had the toughest time in the beginning to create tunnels. After a bit of practice, though, it's like riding a bike.

Here we go:

First off, you don't create it the same way you create bridges. That is, dragging the road through the mountain.


You have to make sure that the entrance will be on a steep enough slope. Click on the raise terrain tool, and raise the slope until the slope under it has risen as well. Make sure the slope is perfectly square. It will not work if it is jagged. Now, put another slope above that other steep one. It doesn't matter what the opposite side where the tunnel will exit is like, though it can't connect between two cities. Make sure to go underground and get rid of pipes and subways. You can put them back in after you have created the tunnel.

The creation

Now you are ready to drag your road. Go from about 4 tiles away from the intended entrance to the steep slope you just created. Hopefully (cross your fingers) you will see a message asking you if you want to build a tunnel for XX simoleans. Click on yes if you approve the price, and voila! You have your tunnel!

Again, it takes some practice, but it should start to come naturally after a few tries. Reply to me if you still have trouble.

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