SimCity 3000 Hints & Tips

When do they come?

Written By: Rand Huck
Tuesday, May 2, 2000

Some inventions in SimCity 3000 come at the most unexpected times, but when do they come? Below is a list of inventions, the date they are invented, and some additional info:

Subway Station

Year it comes: 1910
Cost: 500
Additional info This enables the building of your subway system. With the subway system comes the sub-train station, and the subway tracks that connect your subway system.


Year it comes: 1930
Cost: 500 per tile
Additional Info The airport system not only benefits the commercial areas, but the industrial areas as well.


Year it comes: 1920
Cost: 7500
Additional Info Will burn up to 4,500 kilotons of trash per month, converting it into air pollution. This will take some trash out of the landfills, at least.

Bus Station

Year it comes: 1920
Cost: 150
Additional Info This simply reduces traffic.

Water Treatment Plant

Year it comes: 1935
Cost 15,000
Additional info Reduces water pollution levels, increasing the efficiency of your water system.


Year it comes: 1940
Cost 150 per tile*
Additional info Handles four times the traffic capacity of normal two-lane roads.

Gas Power Plant

Year it comes: 1955
Cost: 4,500
Additional info Provides 3,000 MW-h/month. Reletively clean, but is expensive.

Water Desal Plant

Year it comes: 1960
Cost: 1,000
Additional Info Placed next to an ocean shore, to provide a lot of water. Must be salt water.

Nuclear Plant

Year it comes: 1960
Cost: 20,000
Additional Info It won't be available if you have the 'no nuke' ordinance. Plant has risk of melting down, something you really don't want.

Recycling Center

Year it comes: 1970
Cost: 5,000
Additional Info Pushed into invention by earth zealots, this great way to make bad trash good.

Wind Generator

Year it comes: 1980
Cost: 250
Additional Info The higher up you go, the better the output is

Solar Generator

Year it comes: 1985
Cost: 15,000
Additional Info Very expensive way to keep your city clean, but if this is your goal, then go for it!


Year it comes: 2000
Cost: 25,000
Additional Info Will convert garbage into power (and some polution)

Microwave Power Plant

Year it comes: 2020
Cost: 30,000
Additional Info 14,000 of clean power, without the risk of a microwave disaster like in SimCity 2000

Fusion Power Plant

Year it comes: 2050
Cost: 50,000
Additional Info Ahhh, the final frontier of power. The fusion power, which will be well worth your wait.

*The highways will cost 150 per tile, but that means 600 per the four tiles that is built.

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