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What are business deals, and what benefits do they have?

Written By: Rand Huck
Tuesday, May 2, 2000

Business deals, also known as Opportunities are not the best things going. It's really a little 'booster' to help you earn more money when you are low. Here are the conditions that will spark a business deal:

It's after the year 1915

You have under 1,500 dollars

You haven't accepted another business deal since 3 years

You haven't rejected another business deal since 5 years

What are the properties of business deals?

They will bring you some monthly income depending on the type of deal.

They will bring some drastic negative effects

Sims will protest for a few years and some might even move away for about 10 years.

Now, for the types of business deals (income measured in months) The higher the Rejecting Rating the more you shouldn't accept the deal:

Toxic Waste Factory This 5x5 plant is not to be placed anywhere near houses. Its noxious fumes are extremely hazardous, and this is the last thing Sims want in their backyard.

Income: 400
Negative effects: Really drastic pollution height and drastic landvalue weight.
Rejecting Rating: 9 out of 10

Maximum Security Prison Unlike many predictions this deal atleast doesn't rise crime, but it won't benefit your jail system, either. Sims still won't like to live near one, though.

Income: 250
Negative effects: Landvalue will dwindle drastically.
Rejecting Rating: 4 out of 10

GigaMall I usually get this place because both the commercial demand is just bothering the heck out of me and for asthetics, too.

Income: 300
Negative Effects: Traffic upheaval, causing some pollution, landvalue will dwindle, and it will really reduce the commercial demand.
Rejecting Rating: 4 out of 10

Casino It's actually easy to override the crime by placing two police stations next to it, on either side. It will only be

Income: 350
Negative Effects: Crime and traffic, causing pollution. There is some commercial demand that will suffer, as well.
Rejecting Rating: 5 out of 10

Where to put these? The best spots are always in the edges of your map. For asthetics reasons, you can put the mall in a suburban commercial area, and the casino can be placed almost anywhere, except near your city center.

Don't forget or worry. If you don't need the income anymore, you can always demolish the buildings and replace it with better realestate.

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