SimCity 3000 Hints & Tips

How to develop high-tech industry

Written By: Rand Huck
Tuesday, May 9, 2000

Your pollution problems could be lifted significantly if your industries are clean. This means high tech. Here are a few myths that people assume will get them high tech industry:


The better land value you have, the cleaner the industry

Nope. Actually, you better keep that land value down. If it's too high, industries will not develop because the land is too rich. Better save that high value land for something else.

The "Industrial Waste Disposal Tax" ordinance will help bring cleaner industries
This ordinance, to me, is unconstitutional. It will tax any business, no matter what the output is like, including commercial and clean industry. It will not discourage dirty industry, but discourage industry all together. This ordinance is only good for your treasury.

Unwatered zones will not promote clean industries
Unwatered zones will only not florish as medium or high density zones. They have no effect on high tech factories and labs. It is still best to water ALL zones.


The later the year, the better the chances.
In 1900, the chances of a hightech industry are about 1% when the EQ is at its highest. As the years progress, the chances will gradually grow until 2050, when it's almost 100%.

The higher the EQ the better the chances
The Education Quotient depends on how good your schools, colleges, libraries, and museums are. If all these institutions are recieving an 'A', your EQ will rise. Remember that funding will help a lot, too. If you want the most from your education sector, raise those funds above normal.

Some ordinances will promote clean industries
The following ordinances will help you get high tech industry:

Industrial Pollutant Impact Fee (NOTE Not to be confused with "Industrial Waste Disposal Tax". This is more fair, as it charges according to how much pollution they create.)

Conservation Corps

Clean Industry Association

Electronic Tax Incentive

Aerospace Tax Incentive

Electonics Job Fair

Biotech Ta Incentive

Public Access Cable

Clean Air

These ordinances are pricy, but will really help get those clean industries in.

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