SimCity 3000 Hints & Tips

How to start a good city

Written By: Rand Huck
Wednesday, May 10, 2000

I know a lot of you, including me, have a hard time just starting a city. It is difficult, but not impossible, of course. First of all, don't try to create a mega city just like that. It is very gradual. It might be 50 years before it starts to be really great. Don't focus on the future now.

First of all, you will need a power plant. You can either buy power, or build power plants. I would choose building power plants because you can supply power to your neighbors for money. I would build either plant, although I usually select the oil. Coal is fine, though, because it is 2,500 simoleons less than the oil. Now you have another choice: What kind of industry to I place? You can either zone farms or zone the factories. Either one is fine, and farms add a pollution and aura benefit, but factories add more revenue. Zone small. I wouldn't even touch the dense industrial. Go for medium zones in a small area. Don't forget landfills.

Connect one road and one powerline to a neighbor.

Now for the residential. You can either zone near the industrial zones you created, or you can try to zone a little away from all that commotion. You should zone next to a farm, to share the aura. I would suggest, for now, to only plop light residential in.

Now stop! Oh, wait. I mean start! What I mean is, you can run your city. This is just a start to add revenue to build more schools, colleges, and such. Another thing is I would suggest is look for neighbors looking for power, or someone to get their trash off their backs. You need this revenue.

That about does it. Hope you can get that city off the ground now!

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