SimCity 3000 Hints & Tips

What is the difference between aura and land value

Written By: Rand Huck
Sunday, May 28, 2000

Aura = Land Value

The above equation is a false statement. Let me tell you what the difference is between aura and land value:

Land Value: The price set for a piece of property based on the desireable conditions (low pollution, some parks nearby, some stores/offices nearby), and the amount aura.

Aura: How happy the sims are on a piece of property. This is based on educational facilities, hospitals, police/fire protection, and the amount of NIMBY/YIMBY buildings there are.

So, aura is really just a parameter to determine the land value. So, just because you have rich sims doesn't mean they are happy, and just because you have poor sims doens't mean they are unhappy.

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